Board Meeting 12/14/2010

Board Meeting 12-14-10

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Nola Adler at 7:00 PM. 

Present:  Nola Adler, Linda Carter, Mike Compton, Clint Dalton, Mike Gupton, FJ Hale, Annie Hensley, Kevin Hensley, Bill Smith, John Stinson, Tim Tetreault, Dewitt Vanarsdale, Richard Wikle

Approval of Minutes

Approval for the October minutes will be delayed till the next board meeting, as the website has been under extensive revision and the minutes were not available until just this evening. 

Treasurer’s Report (Annie Hensley)

Our Bank of America CD comes due 12/15/10, but today it has $48,522.  There is $51,417 in the checking account and $81,384 in the investment account.  

There was a question about having to spend 90% of budget to retain tax-exempt status — how can we follow this and have all that ‘reserve?’  It was pointed out that a non-profit is allowed to accumulate a fiscal momentum.  Mike Compton pointed out in his experience it has to spend 90% of its operating budget, but there are ways to squirrel away funds as necessary that are in keeping with IRS rules.

Old Business

President’s comments (Nola Adler)

Nola reports that she looked at the safe deposit box and there were some deeds there, so it was decided to keep the box.  

She reported that there have been no further complaints about the dog that was discussed in October.

She received some complaints about people apparently hunting deer within Merifield.  She asks that anyone witnessing hunters in Merifield please call the game warden at 738-0028.  Only Deer Control is allowed, and only in certain areas within Merifield.  Bow hunting by the Deer Control folks is all right, but no one should be hunting in Merifield with rifles.  She states, “Please call the Game Warden because I’m not comfortable approaching someone with a rifle and telling them to move off the property.”

Secretary’s report (Linda Carter)

Nothing to report. 

Open Forum

There was discussion about whether or not there is an insurance policy for the board members, which actually names the board members, because it would need to be updated.  Annie Hensley didn’t know, and will have to ask Greg Sansing (prior Treasurer). No one brought up any other topics for discussion.

Committee Reports

Appearance and Beautification Report

No one has volunteered to head this committee as of yet, but the ladies on the committee are continuing to do work.  Clint Dalton (Common Area chair) reported on their efforts and complimented Barb Tierney, Jane King, Betty Noah, Sharon Sinkiewicz and Suzy Moore for decorating the front entrance for Christmas.  Many compliments have been received. 

Architectural Committee (Kevin Hensley)

Kevin reports on projects approved since last meeting:  Attached garage on Lewis; detached garage on Darcy; addition and garage on Cheverly.  All applied, followed notes and gave a contribution.  All within boundary adjustments.

There are 155 total days before any action can be taken on the Foote property. No communication will be attempted until that time has expired, which should be sometime this spring.  The exact date will be verified.  It doesn’t appear anything has been done.

Aviation Report (FJ Hale)

Nothing much to report. Sambo Lewis is taking the initiative with cutting trees at the approach.  FJ will check with him and follow up. 

Common Areas and Facilities (Clint Dalton)

The new contract with Mike Hite includes unlimited snow removal.  He bought most of Ralph’s equipment, and will be storing it in the building at Oak Park.  The dock falls under Common Areas and is very difficult to maintain – maybe we should revert it to a buoy.  Clint has had to move it and it’s difficult to manage.  If you give up the dock completely, it will be difficult to get it back.  But it is in poor condition.  Perhaps we should get a dock service.  To be usable, it probably needs to be place further down.  We need a new dock and ramps.

Deer Control (Noel Corpus)

Eight bucks and four does were harvested since the last report.

Political and Environmental (Richard Wikle)

Nothing to report.

Roads and Maintenance (Mike Gupton)

Nothing to report.

Security Report (Tim Tetreault)

Nothing to report.

Welcoming Committee (Martha Day)

Three new families have been welcomed into the community, per Clint Dalton who was reporting for Martha.  It is included here for completeness:

Since the October Board meeting, the Welcoming Committee has greeted and given plant materials, the 2009-2010 Merifield Acres Directory, and any requested information to seven families:  the Blanchards on Darcy, Catletts on Longmeadow, Fettermans on Wedgewood, Susan Grimm on Lakepoint, Harrisons on Oak Run, Monacos on Lewis, and Swains on Walnut Place.  It is happily noted that two of these families, the Fettermans and Swains, are young families with very recent newborns.  The Harrisons are now full-time residents.  The Catletts and Fettermans are long-term renters.  The Catletts have a lot on Merifield Drive.  Accurate contact information has been forwarded to the Assistant Database Treasurer and, if available and permission given, email addresses to the Email Manager.  As of December 14, the Welcoming Committee is vacant.  The updated Welcoming Committee job description has already been forwarded to the MALA President for transfer to the incoming Welcoming Committee Chair.  There are no further Welcoming Committee materials to transfer.


Directory (Nola Adler)

Martha Day has turned over a lot of material on how to do it, which Nola has and is working on.  Directory should go out sometime in January.  Bill Woodfin had volunteered to do this but due to his health issues Nola will take over.

Email (Joanne Gilmore)

Nothing to report

Newsletter (Bill Woodfin)

Has been done by Bill and will be mailed out shortly, per Nola Adler.

Website (Linda Carter)

The website has been revamped, with a lot of the obsolete code updated.  The Kerrlake website should be taken down or just linked to the new website ( soon.  The forum needs to be moderated and needs a moderator.  Nola Adler volunteered.

Committee to Unite MALA (Richard Wikle)

Two members referred to overlay covenants, and suggested publishing an explanation of overlay covenants in the upcoming newsletter.  A motion was made to use the newsletter to communicate about an overlay covenant that will be reviewed first by the board. A question was raised if the overlay covenants would result in Merifield falling under VPOAA – the answer was yes and much opposition was raised.  Motion to use the newsletter was withdrawn.  Discussion about prospects of how to get the voluntary sections to pay dues then ensued. Current approach is to pleasantly request contributions.  This is what has been shown to bring in the most — and participation is pretty high already. Discussion ensued on sending a letter to people in voluntary section, who have not paid, a nice letter asking them to donate.  A motion to get those names was made and approval given. Motion was seconded.  Carried unanimously.

New Business

No one brought up any topics to discuss.


A motion was made at 8:10 to adjourn the meeting, seconded and carried unanimously.