Following is a very condensed version of Rules, Regulations and Covenants that apply to properties in the Merifield Acres community.  It was prepared for your quick reference and convenience only.  It is not intended to be 100% inclusive or a replacement of the full set of documents. All public access roads and common recreational areas (tennis court, Oak Park, and runway) are the property of  Merifield Acres Landowners’ Association, and users of these areas and facilities are subject to rules established by the Association. In general these rules fall into three categories:  Those affecting

  1. personal and public safety,
  2. maintenance and preservation of standards that make our community attractive and pleasing (and thereby enhancing our property values),
  3. the maintenance of a pleasant environment in which to live and raise our families.

Community Personal and Public Safety

Speed limit is 30 MPH – enforced by Virginia State Police and County Sheriff’s Department. No outdoor burning except on Government property (lake shoreline when the lake level is below 299 MSL). No setting off of fireworks. No unlicensed vehicles (e.g. ATVs) on MALA roads or other property (except bicycles). No hunting except under the supervision of a MALA/State Deer control program. No discharge of firearms.

Community Architectural/Construction Standards

Erecting any structure (Dwelling, Garage, Outbuilding, Fence, Addition to Dwelling, etc.) requires the approval of the Architectural Committee.  County building codes and construction standards must also be met. Buildings must be set back 25’ from road and 12’ from other boundaries. One year is allowed for completion of an Architectural project. Removal of any live tree with a diameter larger than 6 inches at 6 feet above ground level requires approval of the Architectural Committee. Property owner is responsible for keeping mud or dirt off MALA roads during construction.

Community Environment

Pets must be confined to your own property unless otherwise controlled (leashed). No signs, billboards, commercial or political advertisements (except “For Sale” signs – see guidelines) are permitted.  Contractors are permitted one sign during construction. No soliciting. No overnight parking on roadsides. Camping or use of on-site temporary residences (campers, motor homes, etc.) not permitted.

See/Call Maintenance Contractor for reservation of Oak Park or tennis court.

February 10, 2004, retyped Summer 2007