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Some features or links on this page may not yet work. More to come very soon!

The MALA Member Account System is now Active

Due to several phishing attacks and other security concerns, the Board has decided to limit access to certain sensitive information to subscribed members only. Personal accounts will now be needed to view certain material that the Board deems to be inappropriate for unrestricted viewing. This includes detailed financial information included in the meeting minutes, and any other information the Board decides to restrict to MALA members only. Read More…

How to Sign up for an Account

Please go to in order to register. You will need to fill out your first name, last name, user name (your email address is recommended but you may choose any username you wish as long as no one else has claimed it), and your email address. Additionally, for account verification purposes, you will need to supply either your property address or both the unit and section number for your property. Your phone number is not required but will be helpful in the event there are issues with your registration. If desired, you may enter some information about yourself, and your website address if you have one.

Once you have submitted your registration, it will be reviewed to verify that you are an actual property owner or resident in Merifield acres. Incomplete or inaccurate information will result in the disapproval of your registration. Once approved, an email will be sent to the address you entered during registration. We will try to approve new registrations in 24 hours or less. Your account will not be activated until it has been approved, so please do not attempt to log in to your new account until you get the registration approval email.

New Privacy Policy

We now have a privacy policy since we are collecting information from members who sign up for an account. Please review it here. Those signing up for an account will have to agree to the privacy terms (not really necessary but the software insists and is not yet customizable in this regard). The privacy policy basically states that information collected from users during the registration process will not be shared except as indicated (Directory and Email Distribution List), and users are able to opt out of either or both by clearing checkboxes.

New Features

Member Directory is now Online!

The Merifield Acres member directory is now available to logged-in Members (Not available to public visitors). The directory has a quick-search feature that returns results as you type You can search on street names so the listing shows just those living on a certain street, or if you’re looking for a complete name, you can search for a first name which will show all records that contain that name. You can find the directory here. Remember, you must be logged in to see it!

Personal Accounts are Now Available! Please Sign up for an Account!

You may now sign up for a personal account here. While we are keeping significant parts of the website available to the public, more information will be restricted to registered users as identity theft and other security concerns become more prevalent. Don’t be out of the loop! If you are concerned about the security of user information, please see our security policy here.

Website is now Compatible with Mobile Devices

The website has been updated to accommodate mobile devices. This allows the use of the “Hamburger Menu” (the button with three horizontal lines in the upper left hand corner of each page right under the header). The regular menus were difficult to handle on mobile devices since selections would quickly time out. The Hamburger Menu allows unlimited time to make a choice. It is reasonably intuitive, and allows users to expand the menu to see submenus. Any menu with a > symbol on the right indicates there are underlying submenus. Tapping the > expands the submenu, while tapping on the main part opens the underlying page (if there is one).

Most of the formatting from the original full-size pages will be preserved, although some wrapping will occur. When the original page has two columns, the columns will be stacked vertically. Also, the right sidebar will usually appear at the bottom. Please let us know through the Contact Us form if you have any problems resolving content on your mobile devices.

  • Please use the Contact Us page to report any issues or inaccuracies with the website, or if you have information or an article to contribute.