In Memorium:
David McPherson, Joe Noah, and Bill Townsend

David McPherson, David was the son of Jane and the late Dr. Harry McPherson and a frequent visitor when his parents owned a home at the end of Meriwether Drive. David especially loved jogging around the airfield. Please see the obituary from the Richmond Times Dispatch, provided by Ed Mazur:
“On March 31, 2020, David McPherson (63) passed away from a complication during a routine medical procedure. David was born March 20, 1957 in Durham, North Carolina to Jane and the late Dr. Harry T. McPherson. He attended high school at C.E. Jordan High School. David graduated from University of Richmond in 1979…he settled in Midlothian, Va., beginning his 30-year career at Phizer.

Joe Noah died on April 16th, at 92 years of age. Joe was not only a long-time resident of Merifield and former president of MALA, but he was a highly valued citizen of Clarksville. He was a pilot in the U.S. military for over 20 years, serving in World War II, and both the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. His love of flying for both work and pleasure was well known. Joe and his wife Betty founded the Preddy Memorial Foundation to honor his cousins George and Bill Preddy, World War II fighter pilots who lost their lives in combat over Europe. Joe was one of the three original trustees of the Lake Country Regional Airport; he was the first administrative assistant of the early Clarksville Lake Country Chamber of Commerce; and he helped to grow Lakefest into the area’s largest festival. Above all, he was a kind and good man who lived his life as an example to all.

William “Bill” Townsend, age 81, died on May 27th, of Covid-19. Bill and his wife Fran moved to Merifield in 2002. Frances Townsend passed away in 2018. 

Dewitt VanArsdale