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2nd Annual Orchard Day on November 9!

We are holding a Second Annual Apple Orchard Day on Saturday, November 9 (with a rain date of Saturday, November 16). We will be gathering beginning at 11 am to plant 14 grafts from the old apple trees and 24 heirloom trees to replace those that died in the drought.

Please plan to join us for this celebration and for the apple goodies, cider, hot dogs, etc. following the planting.

If you would like to contribute a donation for this year’s replanting (or for the grafts from the old trees), thank you! We would hope that $60.00 per tree will cover the costs of purchasing the grafts/replants, and if you wish to add a dedication. Please contact Lee Baldwin for more information at: lbaldwin01@aol.com, 919-846-8001, or 919-623-3556.

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Updates or Changes to the MALA directory: Lee Baldwin is working to update the primary MALA directory. She has received some residence address changes or corrections and email address changes since the directory list was distributed last October, and since MALA assessments were mailed to all property owners. It is important that other vital information such as any property title transfers or private sales of MALA property be sent to Lee. Although it is certainly acceptable to call Lee, she would prefer to have the information emailed to her in order to have a written record. Lee can be reached at Lbaldwin01@aol.com or by telephone (919) 623-3556 for text messages.

Notice to website users: The Merifield Acres website has been updated to contain most of the last 41 annual meeting minutes for historical and research purposes. Annual meeting minutes now go back through the first one on September 19, 1977, held in Mary Fran Lewis' home. Some early historical founding letters and documents have been added for those interested. Newer features include a more powerful in-page PDF reader which will allow you to easily scroll through PDF documents and will allow you to download them. The menu structure is being changed in order to make then website navigation more intuitive. Feel free to explore the menus, and to offer suggestions if there are any features or content you would like to see.

Merifield Acres encompasses some one-thousand acres on the peninsula formed by Buggs Island Lake (Kerr Reservoir) and Grassy Creek. There are some 12.5 miles of roads, 719 platted lots, and about 300 dwellings, a slight majority of which are full-time residences.  Covenants that mandate an annual assessment per lot govern most of these lots.  Merifield Acres lies completely within the confines of Mecklenburg County and is five miles outside the town of Clarksville.