Oak Park Update

Oak Park is temporarily being used as a staging area to process and dispose of debris resulting from two hurricanes, an early winter storm, and record rainfall followed by high winds. More recently, a huge tree fell across the road in Oak Park, destroying the fence near the barn. A resident was walking his dog in the park at the time, and was unable to exit the park until Mike Hite, his tractor, and several volunteers arrived. This added yet another large tree to the volunteers' workload, and to the amount of tree debris at Oak Park (as reported in previous newsletters). The heavy equipment that has moved tree debris in and out of Oak Park has left its mark on the grassy areas near the road.

All the great work done by Merifield volunteers to clean up fallen trees and to dispose of a huge amount of storm debris has kept the roads open, lessened the time that residents were left without power, and has saved a tremendous amount of money. It needs to be stressed that if professional tree services had been contracted to do all this work, the cost would have severely depleted the MALA road budget. Merifield residents owe the volunteers a true debt of gratitude! The December newsletter contained a request from Butch Cheatham for additional volunteers to help with remaining storm debris. There is still work to be done, so if you can help please contact Butch at 434-362-2101.

Rick Baldwin was able to arrange for a Raleigh school to donate used playground equipment which will replace some of the existing equipment at Oak Park. In mid-February, Kevin and Rick will be going there to pick up the donated items. They are asking for volunteers to join them on the trip to Raleigh. Trucks and trailers are also needed.

Please contact Kevin Hensley or Rick Baldwin if you can help.

Kevin Hensley, 374-2803, Kevinhensley13@gmail.com
Rick Baldwin, (919) 846-8001, Rbaldwin12@aol.com

Project Appleseed

See the Project Appleseed Gallery (new photos just added) here.

The December issue of the MALA Newsletter has just been released.

Notice to website users: The Merifield Acres website has been updated to contain most of the last 41 annual meeting minutes for historical and research purposes. Annual meeting minutes now go back through the first one on September 19, 1977, held in Mary Fran Lewis' home. Some early historical founding letters and documents have been added for those interested. Newer features include a more powerful in-page PDF reader which will allow you to  easily scroll through PDF documents and will allow you to download them.  The menu structure is being changed in order to make then website navigation more intuitive. Feel free to explore the menus, and to offer suggestions if there are any features or content you would like to see.

Merifield Acres encompasses some one-thousand acres on the peninsula formed by Buggs Island Lake (Kerr Reservoir) and Grassy Creek. There are some 12.5 miles of roads, 719 platted lots, and about 300 dwellings, a slight majority of which are full-time residences.  Covenants that mandate an annual assessment per lot govern most of these lots.  Merifield Acres lies completely within the confines of Mecklenburg County and is five miles outside the town of Clarksville.