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Mosquitos are for the Birds (Part II)!

Please see new article by Victoria Sondecker  regarding the new birdhouses at Oak Park. Please click on the image to see the PDF article.

From last month: Greetings! We are about to embark on a birdhouse project for Oak Park. We plan to design, built, and install several birdhouses for bats (because they eat mosquitoes) and Bluebirds (because they’re beautiful). The goal is to complete this project by Feb. 1 so the houses will be ready for families in 2020. We could use help in the following areas:

  1. Design and review of the birdhouse plans and create a bill of materials (what pieces of wood to cut to what dimensions). We have some basic plans but your input would be valuable.
  2. Determine the number of each type of house to build and identify locations within Oak Park to place the birdhouses.
  3. Acquiring the materials (fasteners, poles, paint etc.). We have the wood (rough cut Cedar planks) thanks to Kevin Hensley.
  4. Prepare and cut the wood to the required sizes per the designs.
  5. Assemble of the houses.
  6. Design, paint, and install the support poles and install the birdhouses (no paint).

Your help will be appreciated in any of these areas. Please contact Michael Iannuzzi m.iannuzzi@verizon .net, 804-658-7214, or message me on NextDoor.

Thanks in advance,

Michael Iannuzzi

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Merifield Acres encompasses some one-thousand acres on the peninsula formed by Buggs Island Lake (Kerr Reservoir) and Grassy Creek. There are some 12.5 miles of roads, 719 platted lots, and about 300 dwellings, a slight majority of which are full-time residences.  Covenants that mandate an annual assessment per lot govern most of these lots.  Merifield Acres lies completely within the confines of Mecklenburg County and is five miles outside the town of Clarksville.