Board Meeting, 2-11-2014

Merifield Acres Landowners’ Association, February 11, 2014 Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda 

Call to Order

was at 7:00 PM.

Approval of Minutes

from the December 2013 Meeting (posted on were approved without dissent.

Treasurer’s Report

Chair Annie Hensley reported the Bank of America accounts had the following balances:   Checking, $52129.24; CD $83925.11; and investment $122,606.88.  The Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual report shows we are on budget so far and under in many areas this early in the year.  She also mentioned that extra contributions seemed to be up so far from previous years but it was too early to tell.  A motion was made, seconded and passed without dissent to accept the Treasurer’s report.

Old Business

President’s Comments:  Chris Crouse said assessment letters for MF1 & 8A created complaints that the amount due is the same as the Inc. areas although they are only obliged to pay $50 per the covenants (as is clearly spelled out in the accompanying verbiage).  A motion was made, seconded and passed without dissent to have future assessments reflect the $50 in the Total column.

There was another complaint about the intersection at Merifield and Lakepoint being dangerous, and another request to make that a 3-way stop, halting traffic on the main road.  The reflectors placed around the island did not satisfy the original complaint.  A motion was made, seconded and passed without dissent to have the Roads Chair look into installing rumble strips on Lakepoint exiting the community in an attempt to slow down traffic, and/or painting strips on the Merifield side to encourage a 90-degree stop at the existing stop sign. 

Secretary’s Report:  Nola Adler distributed newly-printed copies of the Directors’ books to the Board members, and mentioned the updated items included the removal of VPOAA from various area, fresh ByLaws in section 4, the inclusion of the disclosure letters provided to new lot owners, and the addition of an historical section containing copies of past court actions, the history of the attempt to create a Service District to take care of the roads, and the Fielding Letter from 2003 affirming their voluntary status. 

Open Forum

Cindy Meadows asked if our private roads were plowed when it snowed.  She was assured they were.

Committee Reports

Appearance and Beautification

Chair Butch Cheatham expressed his thanks to those who pick up trash and helped remove the Christmas decorations from the front entrance.

Architectural Committee Report

Chair Kevin Hensley reported:  “Since my last report, one request was submitted to the Committee for review and it was approved. It was for an addition and detached garage. No requests for approval are currently under review. No issues or complaints are currently being investigated by the Committee.”


Chair FJ Hale reported he needed to complete the annual VA Department of Aviation report on the use of the grass strip.  He also mentioned use of the strip is picking up as students are increasing at Oxford/Henderson airport and we are a good practice destination.

Common Areas and Facilities

Chair Jim Monaco reported he’d received a complaint about the state of the tennis courts and has plans to effect repairs come spring.

Deer Control

Chair Scott Diamond provided a report there were 6 kills since last report and the permit has been renewed.

Roads and Maintenance

Chair Mike Gupton was not present and provided no report. 


Chair David Hammer reported:  There were two reported incidences to security since our last meeting (10 December 2013):

1.      Cut dock ropes.  On 12 December 2013, Mr. James Burke of 300 Highpoint Blvd. reported that all 3 ropes holding his dock were cut sometime between 22 Nov and 11 Dec 2013.  It did not cause the dock to move as the walkway was partially on the bank.  Security visited with Mr. Burke to look at the vandalism.  Mr. Burke was provided phone numbers for the Mecklenburg County Sheriff and Clarksville police.  He said he would call them.

2.      Stolen reflectors.  On 10 February 2014, Mr. James Burke of 300 Highpoint Blvd. contacted security and reported that 4 reflectors in the front of his house were stolen Saturday night, 8 February 2014.  He also stated that reflectors from the neighbor across the street were also taken.  He stated that police were not notified.


Chair Kathy Diamond was not present and provided no report. 



Acting Chair Nola Adler reported she’d received half a dozen corrections to the listing mailed out with the assessments, and asked other board members to forward any they received to her.  Several board members said they’d given updates they’d received to Joyce Woodfin, so Nola will get all those from her.


There was currently no chair, but Cindy Meadows said she’d look at what was entailed and tackle the job.


Chair Nola Adler requested anyone with news, or even items to sell, can be posted to the website.  Just let her know.


There is currently no chair. 

New Business

Jim Monaco said there are issues with open fires, and asked if something can be posted to the website. 

Cindy Meadows asked if the walking trail along the main road can be maintained, citing safety issues.  A motion was made, seconded and passed without dissent to have the Roads Chair look at what it would take to restore the sidewalk. 

FJ Hale said he’s sent letters to Laurie Foote and the county inspector, Harrison Jamison, about the decaying property, and intends to seek a court date to request judgment to raze the property.  He requested when that happens we appear in court to provide support. 

Jim Monaco received a complaint that a homeowner’s view from her dining room window was impeded by the neighbor’s big blue trailer and asked what recourse there was.  Discussion ensued. 

Chris Crouse said with the resignation of Gloria Bauer from the board, he is seeking another director to complete the term, which will expire in September.  Anyone interested, please let him know.


was at 8:15 PM.