Board Minutes, 4-9-2013

Merifield Acres Landowners’ Association, April 9, 2013 Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda


Call to Order was at 7:02


Board Members:  Nola Adler, Phil Beck, Butch Cheatham, Chris Crouse, Clint Dalton, Carolyn Ferguson, Mike Gupton, Dave Hammer, Annie Hensley, Scott Jeffrey, Jim Monaco, Bill Smith, John Stinson, Dewitt Vanarsdale,

Guest:  Ben Jackson

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from the February 2013 Meeting (posted on were approved without dissent.


Treasurer’s Report

Chair Annie Hensley reported the checking account has $94.228.00; Investment $106, 492.09; and CD $38.840.00


Old Business

President’s Comments – Chris Crouse said that Sambo Lewis has re-planted the trees from the logging done by Hazelnut Drive.

Secretary’s Report – Nola Adler said updates to the Green Directors’ books will be forthcoming and she will likely ask all board members to turn in their old books next meeting.


Open Forum

Jamison Harrison, county building inspector, left Nola a message that he’d written Laurie Foote another violation. When she got back to him she wondered if the offer from MALA to raze the house was still open.  The general consensus was to let the county handle it and not spend more money.  Chris will try to contact the building inspector again and find out the rest of the story.  He will also check with the insurance company on potential liability issues.

Carolyn Ferguson suggested that the annual meeting be advertised near the entrance two weeks before the meeting.  Motion made, seconded & passed without dissent.  Carolyn will handle the signage.

Jim Monaco brought up a stray beagle in the hood that needs to be captured.

Committee Reports

Appearance and Beautification

Chair Butch Cheatham reported no new news.  The cameras help with litter, but if you see any around you don’t wish to pick up yourself, call Butch so he can do it.

Architectural Committee Report

Chair Kevin Hensley reported that since the last report, one request for Architectural approval was submitted, a screen porch and deck for a house on Lakepoint Drive.  No requests for approval are currently being reviewed, and no issues are currently being investigated.


Chair FJ Hale was not present and provided no report.

Common Areas and Facilities

Chair Jim Monaco reported someone complained about the camera box being blue, not green, but presently there are no plans to paint the box.  Estimates for signage in Merifield were solicited but was only able to get two.  Will be raised 32” off the ground, same as current but just higher.  Mike Chase gave an estimate of $16,900.  Hoover Construction’s estimate is $8800 & the secondary signs of $20 each (for 8).  Motion made, seconded and passed without dissent to accept the Hoover bid.  Jim will tell Chad August 1st is our desired completion date.

Deer Control

Chair Scott Diamond reported nothing new.

Roads and Maintenance

Chair Mike Gupton reported more gravel has been purchased and spread by mailboxes so the post office would be satisfied with their access.  Mike spoke with Sambo Lewis about the road damage repairs from the logging efforts earlier this year. Sambo agrees that all of the damage on Hazelnut is his responsibility, but wanted to share the costs with the community on Merifield. Sambo suggested a ditch be installed near the entrance at the right where the water lies after a rain, and that a tar-and-gravel patch be done instead of digging up the asphalt.  The other area of allergating on Occoneechee shows signs that the roadway is rolling out from under the road and suggested a culvert be installed.  Mike will try to get additional bids for this different work.  Sambo was seeking lower bids.  Sambo mentioned he was withholding $400 of his assessments due to the costs he’s incurred cutting the grass at the end of the runway.  Motion was made, seconded and passed without dissent to have Mike Hite cut the suggested ditch on Merifield.


Chair David Hammer reported he had no news.


Chair Carolyn Ferguson reported nothing new, but suggested a cover flyer be placed in front of the disclosure packages providing the MALA website and her contact information so the newcomers could reach her directly to be added to the directory and be welcomed.




Chair Carolyn Ferguson had nothing to report.  Nola said she could help out.


Chair Linda Carter was not present and provided no report.


Chair Nola Adler had nothing to report but solicited news she’d be happy to post on the website.


Chair Linda Carter was not present and provided no report.


New Business

The new Complaint Committee, comprised of Scott Jeffrey, Dave Hammer & Rick Baldwin are currently investigating a complaint and will report when ready. 

Ben Jackson expressed his concern that raised signage of the new road signs may provide a line of sight issue.  Chris suggested we try out a new sign & see how it appears.  Jim Monaco said he’d work with the contractor to ensure visibility would not be blocked with the new signs.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:44.