Board Meeting, 8-14-2012

Meeting was called at 7:07 PM

PresentMeeting was called at 7:07 PM


Chris Crouse
Butch Cheatham
FJ Hale
Nola Adler
Ben Jackson – guest
Linda Carter
Kevin Hensley
Annie Hensley
John Stinson
Ken Catlett – Guest
Rick Baldwin
Scott Jeffrey
David Hamer
Dewitt Van Arsdale
Andy Ferguson
Caroline Ferguson
Jim Monaco

May Special Meeting Minutes approved

June Meeting were approved

Treasurer’s Report

Bank of America Checking account — $136,006.81

Bank of America CD — $39,845.71

Our investments with Bank of America — $94,930.88 (July)

May’s earnings were $91,191.75

Letter to Section __

5 lots have agreed to paying the same amount as everyone else.

Open Forum

No discussion

Committee Reports

Beautification Report

No change. Butch has volunteered. Has been spraying.
Kevin Hensley suggested using Round Up Pro for economy and effectiveness

Architect Report

Two requests for Architectural approval were submitted for review sinc ethe last report: a new house on Elm Court and a covered porch on Highpoint Blvd. Both were approved

No Requests for approval are currently being reviewed.

No issues are currently being investigated.

Aviation Report

$64.91 for our wind sock.

It’s been installed and spent $14 on Ground Clear to keep the area clear of grass, but it didn’t work.

Deer /control Report

Deer 31st of July to October 1st. They’ve harvested one deer.

Roads and Maintenance

Paving Lakepoint from first Y to second Y with 4″ of asphalt will commence shortly.

Patching on various other roads.

Common Areas

A tree fell on Lakepoint and was cleared by residents.


David Hammer. Five shots were fired on Holly Lane. A white pickup witha toolbox came out of Holly alne and sped off. We don’t know why the shots were fired.

Bear have been sighted in Merifield.

Welcoming Report

Ridge has moved in Lakepoint has moved in and a new house on elm


A complaint was made about getting grass clippings in the road.

A request was made about maintenance of walking paths, which have deteriorated.

A motion was made to replace Marian Corpus, who can no longer serve, with Carolyn Ferguson. T he motion passed without opposition.