Board Meeting 4-12-2011

Meeting called to order by Nola Adler at 7pm


Nola Adler
Cris Crouse
John Stinson
Dewitt VanArsdale
Richard Wikle
Clint Dalton
Tim Tetreault
Kevin Hensley
Annie Hensley
Linda Carter

Mike Gupton
Scott Jeffery
Ken Catlett
Ralph Moore
Ben Jackson
John Gilmore
Marian Corpus
Bill Woodfin
Mike Compton

December minutes were unanimously approved.


Old Business / Open Forum Discussion

President’s remarks

Nola Adler reported she received a call that an apparent break-in/prowler was reported in Merifield (near or on Merifield Drive) but nothing was found when the cops came to the resident’s call. 

Nola then reported she’d seen herself and received several phone calls about a fox roaming the neighborhood with a metal trap on its leg.  Animal control had been notified.


Linda Carter suggested the directory be done online, vs. printed.  It would be cheaper and easier to maintain.  Discussion ensued that some folks without access to the internet might still need a hard copy.  These details could be communicated and worked out with considerable savings to MALA.

Unit 8A Concerns

Ken Catlett spoke to the board that he was currently renting in Merifield and building his own home.  He expressed concerns all covenants were followed, the annual audit was done, replatted lots not be forgiven their annual assessment, and stated that the 8A units should only be charged $50, same as MF1.

Foote Property

The period of time the judge allowed for the Foote’s to make necessary repairs on the property has expired.  We’re allowed to re-submit paperwork that no work has been done, then we can board up the windows and doors. We are not allowed any compensation. 

School Bus Stop at Entrance

Suggestions were made on how to make the entrance safer for children waiting for school busses. Presently there isn’t enough room for cars to park waiting for the school busses. Adding some gravel to fill in what is presently ditch area was discussed, as well as clearing some underbrush so as not to scratch children or cars and to allow room for the children to walk to the bus stop without walking in the road.  Clint Dalton and Mike Gupton were going to consult on these possibilities.  Dewitt VanArsdale further suggested residents apply pressure to the county (ie make phone calls) to get the school busses to come into the community and make a safe passage.


Committee reports

Treasurer’s Report

Annie Hensley reported that about $62K has come in assessments thus far (bringing the checkbook balance to about $112K), the CD has about $48K and the Investment account about $89K.

Appearance and Beautification

No report.  There is a need to have someone step up head the Appearance and Beautification Committee.

Architectural Committee

Kevin Hensley reported that some construction is ongoing. Report attached.


FJ Hale reported he will be getting with Sambo Lewis to discuss the airfield easement requirements with the Army Corps of Engineers.  This is to cut down trees which are an obstruction to the runway.

Committee to Unite MALA

Richard Wikle reported on the CTUM meeting held March 27th.  

Richard Wikle shared a document from another homeowner’s community: “Rights and Responsibilities for Better Communities”.

A document written by Martha Day, “Setting Discriminations Right with Supporting Documents”, was distributed to all present.  Feedback solicited for next board meeting

Common Areas& Facilities

Clint Dalton reported that the right entrance light was not working. That has been fixed. He has also replaced the broken pole on a stop sign, and the main entrance sign that used to be on the bricks is now being stored in the maintenance shed at Oak Park.  He also heard MALA could be getting high speed internet from Shentel communications in June or July.

Deer Control

Noel Corpus reported that 16 deer were harvested, including six does and 10 antlered deer.

Political and Environmental

Richard Wikle reported that the Roanoke River Basin Association has come out against the Uranium Mining.

Road and Maintenance

Mike Gupton had nothing to report.  Roads to be paved have not yet been decided upon.  The Committee is anticipating getting road striping done soon.


Tim Tetreault mentioned folks need to be aware of odd happenings, and take down license plates of suspicious vehicles. 


Carolyn Ferguson is new Welcoming chair.




Bill Woodfin has all the new directories. Volunteers are needed to help distribute them.  Nola Adler passed around a list of roads and asked board members to distribute them by hand, to avoid the postage costs (which could be over $400). 


Nothing to report. 


Bill Woodfin had nothing to report at this time.  A new newsletter should be going out soon, or may be included to the annual election notice in August.


It was noted that the Board of Directors page has two inaccuracies.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.