2014 Annual Meeting

Merifield Acres Landowners’ Association 38th Annual Meeting Minutes

The 38th Annual Meeting of the Merifield Acres Landowner’s Association was held Saturday, October 11, 2014 in the Oak Park Stable, Merifield Acres, at 1:30 pm, following the potluck picnic which began around 12:30.

Call to Order was at 1:30 PM.
Attendees: there were 58 attendees at this years’ meeting.
Approval of Minutes from the 37rd Annual Meeting (posted on merifieldAcres.org) was moved, seconded and passed without dissent.
Treasurer’s Report for 2014 (to date), was provided by Chair Annie Hensley: As of October 10th, the checking account was $36.190.40 and the investment account was $134,178.14. The report was moved to be approved, seconded and passed without dissent.

Old Business
President’s Comments – Chris Crouse thanked everyone for coming, thanked the board members for their service and thanked Greg Sansing and Kathy Compton for doing the audit.

Committee Reports
Appearance and Beautification – Chair Butch Cheatham was out of town and asked Kevin Hensley to present this report: “2014 has been a good year, especially for weeds. I want to thank all of our Merifield neighbors who help to control the weeds, tree limbs and trash along the streets where they live. The video monitoring equipment cabinet that was donated by Rick Baldwin for the front entrance was painted to better blend in with the MALA street signs. I have started to replace the rotted wood at the front entrance. We still need a volunteer to help maintain the traffic island at the intersection of Highpoint and Lake Point Drive. If you would like to help, please give me a call. Our neighbors who volunteer to help maintain Merifield allow us to hold down our HOA dues to a small fraction of what most HOA’s charge. Thanks to all the MALA board members who work toward keeping Merifield a good place to live, and for helping with the tennis court repair. A special thanks goes to Mike Gupton for the great job of managing the maintenance of our roads. I want to thank Jim Burke for helping to maintain the traffic island on Highpoint Drive; Joe Dehorty for volunteering to manage the tennis court repair; Annie Hensley, Jim Burke, Chip Overton, and my wife Shar for their help with the Christmas decorations at the front entrance; Jim Monaco for maintaining the common areas, including replacing the street and entrance signs; and Kevin Hensley for all that he does for MALA, including providing his expertise with the work at the tennis court. We had a lot of volunteers this year, so I apologize if I forgot someone. Your help is appreciated. Regards, Butch Cheatham, 919-618-1917 (cell).”
Architectural Committee Report – Chair Kevin Hensley reported: “16 requests for Architectural approval were submitted for review this last year. All were approved. The previous year there were 11. To summarize [this year] there were: 1 house (down from 4 the previous year); 3 additions; 6 garages; 3 sheds; and 3 decks. No Requests for Approval are currently being reviewed. No written complaints, comments or questions were received last year. Several verbal comments were received concerning Architectural compliance and approval. All of the compliance issues were investigated and they were determined to be within acceptable norms except one garage and one deck. They were found to have been constructed without prior approval from the Committee. The home owners were contacted and they submitted the required request for approval. They were reviewed and approved, and they are included in the above list. No issues are currently being investigated. I look forward to my continued close working relationship with all the MALA Board members in the coming year. Thank you, Kevin N. Hensley, Chairman, Architectural Committee.”
Aviation – Chair Francis Hale reported that things were fine with the runway, with many people using the grass strip. One flying school in Lynchberg was using the field practicing their tail wheel landings and takeoffs.

Common Areas and Facilities – Chair Jim Monaco reported he made repairs to the split rail fencing at Oak Park, mentioned the repairs made by volunteers at the tennis courts, and said the roof at the stable at Oak Park also needed repairs. Treasurer Annie Hensley asked the repairs wait until after the annual assessment dues were collected after the first of the year.

Deer Control – Chair Scott Diamond provided Kevin Hensley the report to present that there were 3 kills so far in the deer control program, said it was restricted to bow hunting only from an elevated stand, and asked anyone interested in participating in the program to contact him. Ken Catlett said the new Game Warden told him there was to be no hunting at all, and Kevin Hensley said he’d have Scott check into that.

Roads and Maintenance – Chair Mike Gupton reported: “Thanks again to all the volunteers who helped clear and remove trees without any cost to MALA. Any money we save with volunteer labor is that much more we will be able to use for road maintenance. I solicited 3 bids to do the road surfacing and Lanco Paving had the best price and performed the work starting in late September. Roads that received some patching, then 1 shot of Tar & Gravel were: Highpoint, Darcy Dr., Goat Island, Eagle Perch, Maplewood Ct., Lakepoint (Highpoint to end), Cheverly, Hollyfield, Red Bud, Terrace Rd., Cedar Lane, and Briarfield. Most of these roads were last surfaced with 1 shot of Tar & Gravel 9 years ago, so we have received very good service for the money we spent. Center Ct. had roots which were disrupting the road. The areas were leveled and 1 shot of Tar & Gravel applied. Hazelnut received some asphalt overlay to repair the damage from logging, then 2 shots of Tar & Gravel (to Red Bud). Merifield Drive has had an issue with flooding when we have hard rain so a new 24” culvert was installed in the location of the original (very old) closed pipe. So, now there are 2 good culverts to drain that area. Then 1.5” of asphalt was applied from the Y to the airport intersection. The part of Merifield Drive from the airport to the end had several places where roots were disturbing the surface. These areas were leveled and then patched with Tar & Gravel. Total for all above work was $129,259.36. Respectfully submitted, Michael Gupton, Chairman.”.

Security – Chair David Hammer reported: “There were only three reported incidences to security during the past year: 1. Cut dock ropes. On 12 December 2013, a resident reported that all three ropes holding his docks were cut sometime between 22 Nov and 11 Dec 2013. It did not cause the dock to move as the walkway was partially on the bank. Security visited with the resident to look at the vandalism. The resident was provided phone numbers for the Mecklenburg County Sheriff and Clarksville police. He said he would call them. 2. Stolen reflectors. On 10 February 2014, a resident contacted security and reported that 4 reflectors in the front of his house were stolen 8 February 2014. The resident stated that reflectors from the neighbor across the street were also taken. He stated that the police were not notified. 3. Runway Sign. On 8 June 2014, a resident reported that the “No Driving on Runway” sign on Meriwether Drive had been vandalized (appeared someone had attempted to pull down the sign) and that tire tracks (small tracks possibly from an ATV) leading from the orchard area had crossed the runway. Security visited the site and confirmed the report. No additional action was taken. Respectfully submitted, David Hammer.”.

Welcoming – Chair Kathy Diamond was not present and did not provide a report.

Email/Newsletter – Chair Cindy Meadows asked for feedback on the eNewsletter she’s been sending (which solicited a round of applause), and then asked for volunteers to call members to get good email addresses.

Web News – Acting Chair Nola Adler said there was a posting that could be made for anyone wishing to advertise goods or services within the community and asked for input to post.

Website – Currently no chair or committee.

Open Forum
Some residents questioned why Merifield and not Highpoint was asphalted. Roads Chair Mike Gupton said it was based on use and condition of the roads, and limited by funds available. There were complaints about too much loose gravel on Highpoint and concern the tar and gravel had not been done correctly. Mike said he’d get with Lanco as the work was guaranteed. Another resident mentioned the erosion in the coves and asked for courtesy and slow going when boating within the coves.

New Business
The FY 2015 Budget was approved by the membership vote.
Election Results for the MALA Board of Directors and the Architectural Committee are as follows: reelected to the Board were: Rick Baldwin, Philip Beck, Butch Cheatham, FJ Hale, David Hammer, Jim Monaco and Alan Weyman. Peter Klimas was reelected to the Architectural Committee.

In the board meeting after the annual meeting, Chris Crouse was reelected as President, Phil Beck was reelected as Vice President, Annie Hensley was reelected as Treasurer, and Nola Adler was reelected as Secretary.

Adjournment was at 2:45.