2012 Annual Meeting


2012 Annual Meeting Minutes

There were approximately 30 people gathered at the stable for the potluck and subsequent annual meeting.

Special guests were on hand from the Virginia Department of Forestry with handouts and instructional videos on fire safety.  They gave a presentation before the meeting.

The meeting called to order at approximately 1:50pm.  A motion was made and carried without dissent to approve the minutes from the 2011 annual meeting.

Treasurer's Report.

Annie Hensley reported there is $133,540.15 in checking, $39.845.71 in CDs and $96,902.21in the investment account. An audit was done (per out bylaws) by the several resident volunteers.  Our records are in good order.

President's Comments

Nola Adler thanked everyone for coming, and summarized some of the past year’s events.

A letter had been written to Meckenburg Electric requesting the use of herbicide to cease under the power lines, as there was concern about its dissipation into private areas and wells.  A letter had been written to the court about the Foote property complaining they (the Footes) did nothing to fix the property as ordered.  There are ongoing talks with the Corps of Engineers about the right of way at the entrance and on Merifield Drive but no action has been done.  The Corps wants MALA to pay for permits and right-of-ways.  The school busses won’t drive on our private roads so gravel and crush-and-run was applied near the entrance for parents to park out of the way of traffic while awaiting the bus.  The community dock was repaired, retied and now has a monitoring contract with Buggs Island Dock.  Both bears and foxes have been sighted in the neighborhood.  There were various reports of speeding, break-ins, and shots fired around the neighborhood.  Some of the comments from the ballots were shared.

Secretary's Report

Linda Carter had nothing to report.

Open Forum

Several topics were brought up for general discussion: 

Linda Carter will head a committee about the fire issues, working with the Dept. of Forestry people.

Could we possibly ask fire dept. to get marine fire boats to come here?

On Foote property, Hale said the property can't be condemned since the court has ruled on it. 

5 inches of rain fell in a very short period, overflowing the culvert near the airport.  We need to see if our culverts are still capable.

Appearance and Beautification report

Chair Butch Cheatham said that he’s been cleaning up the front entrance and reducing overgrowth near street signs.  He appreciates all those who pitch in and will always welcome additional volunteers. He knows some people who pick up trash are not officially on the committee and that’s greatly appreciated.

Architectural Committee

Chair Kevin Hensley reported in the past year there had been 10 requests submitted for reviews. All were reviewed, and nothing is outstanding at the moment.

Aviation Committee Report

Chair FJ Hale reported that everything is going fine, the strip gets a lot of use and people seem to enjoy the airplanes. We have a new wind sock, and the trees obstructing the end of the runway finally have Corps permission to be cut.

Common Areas & Facilities

Chair Clint Dalton sent in his report summarizing the activities of the past year. (Removed pine trees, replaced light bulbs at entrance, added crush-and-run gravel at the entrance. A number of trees were removed, many by volunteers, Philip Hensley among them. Tennis court needs weed maintenance – need to see what can be done economically.) The Corps said we can surround the lights at the front entrance with stacked stone, which is considered temporary. Everyone should be aware we have a new maintenance contractor taking care of the common areas:  Mike Hite. His contact information is on the web under News.

Deer Control  

Chair Scott Diamond sent in a report that 4 does had been culled.

Roads and Maintenance Committee

Chair Mike Gupton reported: Overall our roads are in pretty good shape. I had hoped to have this year’s contract paving completed by now, but the weather has held up the contractor on jobs that were underway. The good news is that the price of liquid asphalt has decreased since our bids were obtained, and the final price will be about $4,000 less than the bid. This means that the price we will be paying for 1.5 " of asphalt on Lakepoint from 1st Y to 2nd Y, will be about $13,000 less than the bids that were obtained in 2011. In addition to Lakepoint, we will be doing some repair work on Greenbriar, and Occoneechee. Adams Construction had the best price of the 3 bids obtained and hopefully will do the work in about 2 weeks.

We have had numerous trees across roads from the strong storms in the last 2 months. Thanks to all the volunteers who got the roads open in most cases before I found out about them. Also thanks to Mike Hite (our maintenance contractor) for clearing many of them as well.  

Security Report

Chair David Hammer reported there were only three reported incidences to security during the past year:

1.      Gun Shots.  In July 2012, a resident reported 5 gunshots fired from the vicinity of Holly Lane.  A white pick-up truck with a utility chest in the bed of the truck was seen leaving the area.  Neither the license plate nor the operator of the vehicle could be identified.

2.      Unleashed Dogs.   On 1 September 2012, a resident reported 2 unleashed dogs threatened him while he was walking his dog on Meriwether Drive.    The owner of the unleashed dogs was contacted and he informed security that the dogs belonged to his visiting daughter and that it would not happen again.   No further action was taken.

3.      Air Strip.  On 19 September 2012, Mr. F.J. Hale reported that he noticed 6 to 7 divots, that he believed may have come from a dirt bike, on the air strip.  I inspected the air strip and noticed several divots near the side of the road near an area where road construction had taken place.  I also spoke with a neighbor and he stated the workmen had stored their equipment in that vicinity.  It is unclear whether the divots were made by vandals or the construction crew.

Welcoming Report

Chair Carolyn Ferguson reported there are new neighbors out there, but they have been hard to reach


Linda Carter had no report.


Nola Adler said the news will now be posted on the website, and to be sure to let her know of anything you want posted.

New Business

Election results:  

Nola Adler, Chris Crouse, Clint Dalton, Mike Gupton, Bill Smith and John Stinson were re-elected board members, whose term expires September 2015.

Kevin Hensley was elected to the open position on the Architectural Committee for the next 3 years.

Chris Crouse was elected President; Scott Jeffrey Vice-President; Nola Adler Secretary and Annie Hensley Treasurer.

Budget was approved.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:05pm.