2010 Annual Meeting

MALA Annual Meeting 2010

September 18, 2010

Meeting was called to order at 1.35 by President Bill Woodfin.

Newly Elected Board Members

  • Dewitt Vanarsdale
  • Annie Hensley 
  • Marian Corpus
  • Scott Jeffrey
  • Mike Compton
  • Linda Carter

Committee Members

  • Appearance and Beautification – VACANT – Barbara Tierney resigned at the Annual Meeting
  • Architectural Committee – Kevin Hensley
  • Aviation – FJ Hale
  • Committee to Unite MALA – Richard Wikle
  • Common Areas and Facilities – Clint Dalton
  • Deer Control – Noel Corpus
  • Directory & Newsletter – Bill Woodfin
  • Finance – Greg Sansing
  • Political and Environmental – Richard Wikle
  • Roads and Maintenance – Mike Gupton
  • Security – Tim Tetreault
  • Welcoming – Martha Day

Treasurer’s Report

  • $3,000 more was spent than was budgeted.
  • $36,000 under expenses.
  • Community Events expenses are below budget, but the committee was dissolved.
  • Common Facilities expenses were combined with Road Expenses to offset an overage in roads budget.
  • Maintenance contract on roads is $900 below budget.
  • Administrative costs, above budget by $3,000 (Posting, printing, etc.)
  • Motion for approval of Treasurer’s Report made and approved.

Other Items

  • Laurie Foote property lawsuit cost $3,800. They are ordered to either fix up the property or raze it within 150 days of the court order. If they don’t, MALA may board up the property. MALA can do nothing more than that.
  • Greg Sansing is leaving as treasurer. Bill Woodfin commended him for an outstanding job, well done.
  • Several board members resigned their positions in the past year:  Dewitt Vanarsdale, John Stinson and Linda Carter were appointed to fill those positions for the remainder of the terms vacated by Chris Henry, Martha Day and Kathy D’Amato, respectively.
  • There was discussion about dogs running loose. A motion was made that anyone harassed by a dog make a complaint to the board. A letter will be sent to the dog owner, handled by the security chair and/or president. Seconded. All carry. If the problem persists, the dog warden will be requested to look in on the situation.  As Mecklenburg County does not have a leash law, the warden cannot enforce Merifield’s bylaw to leash the animals, but they can respond to ‘vicious dogs’ running loose.  

Committee Reports.

Appearance and Beautification Committee.

Railroad ties added because of torn up sod by entrance.  Barbara Tierney resigned as president of the committee.  

Architectural Committee.

Peter Clements to ask about tree removal. Ten requests for approval. All were approved; in previous year, only there were only eight. No response to letters to Laurie Foote.

Political and Environmental

Local newspapers covered the meeting on the water allocation from Bugg’s Island Lake. Virginia’s vision of how to allocate prevailed over North Carolina. However, the percentages of allotment are still to be determined.

Committee to Unite MALA

Report can be found here. Thanked committee members for efforts.

Common Area and Facilities

Clint Dalton made a motion to commend Ralph Moore for his work and the way he’s kept the MALA properties up. Unanimously passed.

Deer Control

Three deer were killed by bowhunters.

Finance Committee

Roads and Maintenance

Roads are in pretty good shape. Some cracking on Merifield, Lewis and Hazelnut. Ridge and Longmeadow cracks are worsening. Several sections on Hazelnut that are crumbling and sinking.


Biggest problem is dog complaints. Add a note to newsletter. Residents are encouraged to contact the county. No incidents.

Welcoming committee

Three new families were welcomed. Email is Jo Ann Gilmore. What is the board’s position on using emails, as opposed to mail. MALA voting results MALA comments on the road. There is contoversy about the roads, whether they should be asphalt and tar and gravel. 414 ballots were sent out.