2nd Annual Orchard Day a Big Success!

We had 24 people show up to help with planting 39 new trees. The planting began at 11 and ended (technically) at 1:30!!! It was amazing to watch our community in action, and everyone seemed to have great fun. After the hard work, Butch Cheatham and Alison Frey served hot dogs and sides, and everyone had a chance to taste and take a few apples from Century Farm Orchards — Stayman (like Winesap), Grimes Golden, Summer Banana, and Arkansas Black.

The photos that I sent include pictures from the preparation day, Nov. 2, when we had around 16 people working very hard to prepare the sites and to clean up around the established trees. I also sent a few pictures from Century Farm Orchards, where our trees were raised. David Vernon, the orchardist, was extremely pleased with the scions that we sent him from our old trees and ended up sending us a total of 14 grafted trees (although we only ordered and paid for 10).