Welcoming Committee

Since the October Board meeting, the Welcoming Committee has greeted with plant materials, the 2009-2010 Merifield Acres Directory, and any requested information seven families: the Blanchards on Darcy, Catletts on Longmeadow, Fettermans on Wedgewood, Susan Grimm on Lakepoint, Harrisons on Oak Run, Monacos on Lewis, and Swains on Walnut Place. It is happily noted that two of these families, the Fettermans and Swains, are young families with very recent newborns. The Harrisons are now full-time residents. The Catletts and Fettermans are long-term renters. The Catletts have a lot on Merifield Drive. Accurate contact information has been forwarded to the Assistant Database Treasurer and, if available and permission given, email addresses to the Email Manager. As of December 14, the Welcoming Committee is vacant. The updated Welcoming Committee job description has already been forwarded to the MALA President for transfer to the incoming Welcoming Committee Chair. There are no further Welcoming Committee materials to transfer.