Directory 12/14/10


The co-editors of the 2008, 2009, 2010 Merifield Acres Directory had intended to edit the 2011 Directory. 6 X 9 letterhead envelopes had been retained for mailing the 2011 Directory by the turn of the year. The two ladies were notified of their removal from the editorship by way of the 2010 Annual Meeting agenda and without the courtesy of any discussion. Nevertheless, the 12.5 miles of Merifield Acres roads were checked for newcomers and new homes. The master Directory was updated into October 2010. Five pages of instruction for following through with the 2011 Directory were prepared. Information regarding the printer and printing was included. All Directory materials were transferred to the President with enough weeks remaining in 2010 to finish editing, print, and mail the 2011 Directory by early 2011.