Common Areas

Common Areas and Facilities Report

October 12, 2010

Michael Dodd, Corps. of Engineers was called about the status of front entrance easement. He replied on August 15th stating that the issue will take time to resolve. In the meantime, he said that we could “ dry stack” stone/blocks around the lights.


The committee, with the help of Ralph Moore, repaired the pole , installed it and light at the entrance. The other light was replaced with a light that Jerry Billingsley was able to procure. We have one spare left.

The damaged “stop sign” at the entrance was exchanged with another one.

The committee assisted Ralph in cutting down a dead pine at the entrance. Another one was cut on West Point Dr. Dead pines will be a continuing problem due to the bark beetles

With the assistance from Ralph Moore and Jerry Billingsley, a large dead oak tree was cut in Oak Park by a tree expert. The wood is being removed free.

Thanks to Jerry Billingsley, Mike Gupton, and Ralph Moore, the maintenance contract to begin January 1, 2011 was corrected/amended and delivered to five bidders. The winning bid is Michael Hite with the low bid of $22,900 with includes unlimited snow removal. Mike has had several years experience working with a local lawn contractor. He also worked as a contract driver for VDOT removing snow and ice in the Clarksville area.

The second low bid was $22,500 plus snow removal at $65.00 per hour.

Clinton Dalton