Aviation Committee Report for September – October 2010

A vote was taken at the August 2010 meeting to permanently ban the private use of the MALA runway property for the construction of privately owned aircraft hangars. Jerry Billingsley offered an amendment to my proposal to include that all MALA property be prohibited from private use. The specific intent is to ban for all time, the privatization of MALA common property. The intent is to assure the neighbors adjacent to the runway, and all MALA property, of the preservation of their peace and protect the harmony in their community.

This motion was unanimous with the only the only dissenting vote was cast by Nola Adler. Her view at the time of the vote was to generate revenue from such private hangars on the runway. It is my opinion, objections notwithstanding, and having consulted with numerous FBOs (Fixed Base Operators), hangar constructors, and sources from the EAA and AOPA, that there is no practical way that MALA can hope to recover the cost of any common use hangar building though comparable hangar rents in less than 4 years ($250 per hangar / four hangars = 1000$ to defray a cost of 40,000$).

Members of the aviation committee are: Kyle Falwell, Krik Rucker, Rick Baldwin and Sambo Lewis. No one else should be listed on this committee, nor may anyone else represent themselves as such. If there are any changes they will come directly from me.

Please see to it that this report is published on the MALA website and in the next MALA Newsletter. I want the neighbors who signed the petition against the private hangars to know that their voice has been heard, and to let the rest of the MALA community know what has been going on.

The FAA is aware that I am the POC for VG34.

Otherwise, there is nothing to report.

Francis J. Hale, III, Chariman
Aviation Committee