Board Meeting 10/10/2010

Board Meeting Minutes — October 10, 2010

The meeting called to order at 7 PM by Nola Adler. The minutes for August 18th board member meeting were asked for approval, seconded, all ayes.


John Stinson
Dewitt VanArsdale
Clinton Dalton
Jerry Billingsley
Ralph Moore
Kevin Hensley
Annie Hensley
Mike Compton
Scott Jeffrey
Nola Adler
Jim Tetreault
Marian Corpus
Bill Smith
John Gilmore
Richard Wikle
Sambo Lewis
Mike Gupton
Ben Jackson
Bill Woodfin
Greg Sangin
Linda Carter

Budget/Treasurer’s Report

Greg Sansing interpreted the budget and finance reports for Annie Hensley’s first board meeting (she’s the new treasurer). The court fees for the Foote property are paid. He reminded us that 90% of money brought in must be spent during that year to maintain tax exempt status.

Old Business

President’s comments

Nola Adler introduced herself as president. She described herself as a WYSIWYG person – What You See Is What You Get, and there are no hidden agendas.  Her mission is to see to it that the grass gets cut and the roads are maintained. She is open to any discussion so long as it remains civil and professional. She has been receiving notebooks from outgoing directors, still is waiting for a few more. She need to update the Board of Director’s listing for all.  She will also be accessing the safe deposit box to see if it needs to be maintained.

Open forum

John Stinson reported on a legal case in Chesterfield County, reported in the Richmond paper. A Homeowner’s Association decided to unify all their covenants. One resident filed a lawsuit saying that the covenant he signed did not say he had to pay dues. He won. The judge said that it was unjust for a homeowner to buy a property and then be told that he had to pay fees. Richard Wikle asked for a copy of the article and said he’d investigate if and how it related to the Committee to Unite MALA’s efforts to unite our community.

Committee Reports

Appearance & Beautification committee

Chair position is open.

Architectual committee

No requests, nothing to report.

Aviation committee report

Nothing to report.

Committee to Unite MALA

A sense of direction is needed. Suggestions from the community are welcome. It was requested that email addresses be published so that members can communicate.

Common Areas and Facilities

Cllint Dalton reported that Army Corps said that we can dry stack stone blocks around the lights as that would be considered temporary.  We are apparently no closer to getting the property as our own. Ralph Moore and committee replaced the light. A new stop sign was added. A large dead oak tree was removed. Clint has a new contract he would like to show people. Anyone who wishes to see it may send their email address to him. Ralph Moore showed Clint how much grass he is cutting that is not part of the contract, which accounts for why his contract was higher. New contractor would like to rent storage space from us. We will not be responsible for any damage to his equipment. A motion was made to accept contract with new contractor, Mike Hite, for $22,900. Was accepted.

Deer Report

Two doe and two antlered deer have been harvested.

Roads committee

Since the last meeting, there has been an inspection of the roads. It will help the road to seal cracks, but he (paving person brought in by Mike Gupton, road chair) said it will stand up for ten years whether we do that or not. We are thinking of sealing that ourselves; we can buy sealant at Lowe’s. We went over all the roads, and only superficial cracks were found. Ralph has volunteered to do this sealing for free.

Striping the roads. Jerry Billingsley has told us he can get the equipment for striping the road which holds 5 gallons of reflective road striping paint.  The cost is $110 for five gallons from Sherwin Williams in South Boston.  It would take 10 gallons ($220) to put one yellow line down the middle of the new asphalt road, or $440 for two white stripes on the sides of the new asphalt to the first Y. Ten voted for white lines. Two in favor of yellow lines.

Discussion ensued about the possibility of cracked roads lasting ten years. It was pointed out that if the road is as compressed as possible, a crack may not lead to potholes. We won’t know until it happens, or not.  However, if there is not a good base the asphalt will just crumble or fall in.  

No good solutions have been found to solve the situation at the front entrance where parking for parents dropping off/picking up kids from the schoolbus. Currently cars are having to park in the ditch, while children are having to walk in the road admist morning traffic.  Bill Woodfin reported he’d gotten no satisfaction from the county person in charge of bussing, regarding them coming into Merifield and turning around somewhere.  

Security committee report 

Nothing to report.

Welcoming committee report 

Nothing to report.



Directory and Newsletter

The newsletter should be ready to go in about 3 weeks, the directory to follow shortly.

Discussion ensued if we should send minutes to board members before approval, or publish privately,in case we have sensitive information in the minutes we don’t want out on the site for everyone to see. 

New Business

A letter was received about a dog being loose and acting viciously. The complaint requested a letter from the board be sent to the dog’s owner. A letter was sent from the President.  The owner has already taken measures to improve the situation.  

Jerry Billingsley wrote the board a letter urging them to consider using asphalt as the more durable and economical solution.  He also said that if the annual meeting’s survey results in the main roads being asphalted and side roads tarred and gravelled, He would like  Oak Run to be considered a main road.  It has the most houses and is almost as well travelled as Highpoint and Merifield.  Discussion ensued and it was decided when the time came for road maintenance (last done in 09, skipped in 10 and will be done in 11) this will definitely be considered.  We can’t make decisions now when we don’t know what prices will be next summer.  It was suggested that we get a non-interested party to give us an analysis of what’s best for the roads.

Motion to adjourn at 8:25, seconded.