Merifield Acres Landowners’ Association,  August 13, 2013 Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda


Call to Order

was at 7:00 PM.

Approval of Minutes

from the June 11, 2013 Meeting (distributed via email) were approved without dissent 


Board Members:  Nola Adler, Rick Baldwin, Gloria Bauer, Phil Beck, Butch Cheatham, Chris Crouse, Mike Gupton, FJ Hale, David Hammer, Annie Hensley, Kevin Hensley, Scott Jeffrey, Jim Monaco, John Stinson, Dewitt Vanarsdale

Guests:  Darlene Hammer, Cindy Meadows

Treasurer’s Report

Chair Annie Hensley reported the checking account has $95,717.34; investment account has $108,093.62; and the CD has $38,915.00.  Annie said she’ll be transferring money from checking to the CD in preparation for paving next year.

Old Business

President’s Comments – President Crouse commented about phone calls he’s received:  debris from downed trees still next to the road; boat for sale at the tennis courts; and state of the ditches.  Kevin Hensley said he’s work with Jim Monaco to get the debris removed from the main roads.  If Jim can’t borrow the dump trailer, we will rent it.


Update on the complaint:  latest complaint has been dealt with, and Chris sent DPOR a registered letter requesting we be dropped from DPOR.  Also, our complaint process needs to be modified to eliminate the DPOR, and the new process posted to the website.  Andy Ferguson has already modified it.


Secretary’s Report – Nola Adler mentioned we will need to go through the draft ballot letter and get it to Dogwood for printing.

Open Forum

No one had any items for discussion.

Committee Reports

Appearance and Beautification

Chair Butch Cheatham has nothing to report.

Architectural Committee Report

Chair Kevin Hensley reported: Two requests for Architectural approval were submitted for review since the last report:

    (1) A new house on Lakepoint Drive was approved.

    (2) A screened-in porch addition on Hiddenwood Court is currently being reviewed. 

No issues are currently being investigated.


Chair FJ Hale reported all was going well, nothing to report.

Common Areas and Facilities

Chair Jim Monaco reported the signs will be pushed back to October.  Mike Gupton said they would be moving the sign on Sambo Lewis’s property to the left next to the old yield sign post.

Deer Control

Chair Scott Diamond was not present and provided no report.

Roads and Maintenance

Chair Mike Gupton reported he’ll be meeting with Lawrence Nunn to assess the state of the roads and possibly new culverts near Merifield near where the trees were cut down, as water rushes through there unimpeded now.


Chair David Hammer had nothing to report.


Chair Carolyn Ferguson was not present but told the President she has resigned from heading the committee.  Discussion ensued how difficult this job was and how we could all reach out to new people.  One suggestion was a form to add to the disclosure package asking new people’s status, address, email, etc. which could be completed, returned to the Treasurer and passed along to the Welcoming committee.



Chair Carolyn Ferguson resigned from heading the committee.


Chair Linda Carter resigned from heading the committee.


Chair Nola Adler had nothing to report.


Chair Linda Carter resigned from heading the committee.

New Business

Scott Jeffrey said since Richmond (DPOR) said we are not a common interest community, do we even need to have a disclosure package?  Just a thought.


Motion was made to adopt the new complaint process (which Andy had revised-see above), seconded and passed without dissent.


FJ Hale read a proposed letter to Sambo Lewis complaining about the eyesore of the timber harvest near Merifield and proposing remedies.  Much discussion ensued but the President decided to hold off any sending any letter.


 A motion was made and seconded to get an attorney to look into how we can limit heavy commercial traffic coming into Merifield or at least ensuring they somehow pay for road damages.  Chris Crouse said he’d try to see an attorney about this.


was at 9:10 PM.