Board Meeting, 2-12-2013

Merifield Acres Landowners’ Association, Feb. 12 2013 Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda


Call to Order

Was at 7:00 pm


Board Members:  Nola Adler, Rick Baldwin, Phil Beck, Butch Cheatham, Chris Crouse, Carolyn Ferguson, Mike Gupton, FJ Hale, David Hammer, Annie Hensley, Kevin Hensley, Scott Jeffrey, Jim Monaco, Jim Stinson, Dewitt Vanarsdale


Guests:  Darlene Hammer, Ken Catlett, Ben Jackson

Approval of Minutes

– from the regular BoD Dec. 11, 2012 meeting were approved without dissent

– from the special Jan 8, 2013 meeting were approved with correction that it was Chris Crouse who contacted Sambo Lewis about the tires, not Mike Gupton.

– from the special Jan. 28, 2013 meeting were approved without dissent

Treasurer’s Report

Chair Annie Hensley reported the checking account has $57,786.45; CD 38,840.00; and investment account $102,515.62.  This month (and coincidentally year-to-date) all expenses are under budget.


Old Business

President’s Comments – Chris Crouse had nothing to say.

Secretary’s Report – Nola Adler asked the executive committee to remain after the meeting to sign the new bank signature paperwork.


Open Forum

Ken Catlett complained the assessment letter was not to his satisfaction.  He claimed there is absolutely no ‘ambiguity’ of the 8A covenants, just disagreement over the use of a single pronoun.  He will be using the new DPOR complaint procedure to further his agenda.

Committee Reports

Special Report on Uranium Mining

Scott Jeffrey reported on the bills in the legislature, the progress (or lack thereof) and that the people are opposing the mining 4-to-1 per letters to the governor.

Appearance and Beautification

Chair Butch Cheatham reported with the cameras up, litter is way down, a very positive sign.

Architectural Committee Report

Chair Kevin Hensley reported:

Two requests for Architectural approval were submitted for review since the last report:

    (1) Multiple additions were approved for a house on Wedgewood Lane.

    (2) A new house on Eagle Perch Court

No Requests for Approval are currently being reviewed.  No issues are currently being investigated.


Chair FJ Hale reported an unpleasant encounter with some construction workers that ended in vague threats near the end of the runway.  Security cameras have now been installed near the runway.


Someone drove down at the end of the runway and left some ruts. 


Runway is 3200 feet, first 400 are on Lewis property, not currently mowed by the maintenance contractor.  FJ proposed when the contract comes up for renewal that the 400 feet be mowed and that the rent on the maintenance building be waived.  FJ mentioned the costs of cutting down all those trees were born by the Lewises. There was some discussion about the board doing things for private citizens, although in truth this 400 feet is part of the runway and should be okay to cut, especially were a waiver to be signed by the Lewises.  It was moved and passed we table the mowing the Lewis’s grass discussion until Lewis is current in his assessments.

Common Areas and Facilities

Chair Jim Monaco discussed some estimates received from Mike Chase on street sign replacement: $5980, same design, same height – $7230 raising to 4 feet – for $120, will add reflective glass to the wet paint for easier sighting at night.  There was some discussion and agreement we get 3 bids for the like-replacement signs, as well as 3 estimates on ‘regular’ metal signs.

Deer Control

Chair Scott Diamond reported that the deer control license was renewed, daylight doe-only kill, 2-8-13 to 9-30-13.  Six kills were reported so far.

Roads and Maintenance

Chair Mike Gupton reported he called Lanco to get an estimate for road repairs from the logging operation damages on Hazelnut and Merifield.  The estimate was $4300.  Sambo Lewis maintained there was damage prior to the logging and wanted to share the costs of Merifield (two places) but agreed Hazelnut was 100% on Sambo.  No asphalting until March or April is possible.  Need to work out a pro rated agreement on the costs for Merifield repairs.


Chair David Hammer reported all he had to discuss was the incident FJ already related.  He reiterated (from one of the special January BoD meetings) that the news of break-ins was not in our neighborhood but elsewhere.


Chair Carolyn Ferguson had nothing new to report.




Chair Carolyn Ferguson said she’s not been successful in getting with Linda Carter


Chair Linda Carter was not present and had no report.


Chair Nola Adler had nothing new to report.


Chair Linda Carter was not present and had no report.



New Business

The new complaint procedure from DPOR was approved by the state agency, and is on the website.  It will be included to the disclosure packages going forward.


Was at 7:50 pm.

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