Board Minutes, 4-25-2012

Meeting was called at 7PM


  • Jim Monaco
  • Dave Hammer
  • Darleen Hammer – guest
  • Dewitt Van Arsdale
  • Mike Gupton
  • John Stinson
  • Phil Beck
  • Kevin Hemsley
  • Cris Crouse
  • Butch Cheatham
  • Scott Jeffrey
  • Annie Hensley
  • Linda Carter
  • Clint Dalton
  • Ben Jackson – Guest
  • Ken Catlett -guest

Minutes of past meeting:  A motion was made, seconded and passed to correct the last minutes showing that Mike Gupton made the suggestion on writing a letter to MF1, not Ben Jackson.

Treasurers Report:  Chair Annie Hensley reported that the Bank of America checkbook has $98,243.95, the BOA-CD has $89.623.73; and the investments with BOA has $96,301.32

Old Business:  Nola Adler reported we can have Mike Denton of Buggs Island Dock make repairs in the community dock for $500, and dock monitoring for $300/year. Motion was made, seconded and passed to let Mike Denton repair our dock and do the dock monitoring. 

If we can sell the new floats to Mike for at least $400 a motion was made and seconded to give Nola approval to sell the floats for that. Motion passed unanimously.

We did get the permit from the Corps to clear brush from the airport. Nola also got a call from the Corps about other easements from the Corp, that they would get to us later.

Board members need to be current on their dues to take part in the board functions.

There was discussion about sending out a letter to MF1, asking them to pay the same $100/$160 for lots/lots with dwellings, up from their $50 currently being assessed as a mandatory unit. A motion was made to continue to work on the letter. A motion was made but did not pass to seek a legal opinion on this controversy. A suggestion was made to form a committee of non-biased people who have no emotions on the subject to interpret this issue and be done with it.  It was agreed to have another special meeting and ask for comments on the letter. A motion by Mike Gupton for this meeting was raised, seconded, and passed unanimously.

Committee reports:

Appearance and Beautification: Marian Corpus has resigned as chair.  Position is available for anyone interested.

Architectural committee Chair Kevin Hensley reported since last meeting 2 houses and a shed have been approved.

Aviation committee Chair FJ Hale reported he is getting a new windsock for the grass strip.

Deer Control:  Scott Diamond is the new chair, and had nothing to report.

Common Areas and Facilities Chair Clint Dalton had nothing to report

Roads Chair Mike Gupton is researching prices for road repairs.

Security chair David Hammer had nothing to report.

Welcoming chair Carolyn Ferguson had nothing to report.

Meeting adjourned at 8:52pm.