Board Meeting 2-14-2012

Board Meeting February 14, 2012

Meeting was called by Nola Adler at 7PM. 

Minutes for past two meetings were approved without dissent.


Board Members:  Nola Adler, Phil Beck, Linda Carter, Chris Crouse, Clint Dalton, Mike Gupton, David Hammer, Annie Hensley, Kevin Hensley, Scott Jeffrey, Jim Monaco, Dewitt Vanarsdale

Community Members:  Darlene Hammer, Ben Jackson

Treasurer’s Report

Chair Annie Hensley reported there’s $65,552.40 in the checking account; $78,628.73 in the CD; and $89,848.54 in the investment account.

She also said that some road impact fees has been returned to a homeowner who’d requested it, due to a misunderstanding about the mandatory nature of a fee assessed.  Discussion ensued and it was agreed that the road impact letter from the Architectural Committee would be reviewed for language to be clearer.

Old Business

President Nola Adler reported that at the last meeting, FJ Hale had wanted a letter written to the court about the Foote property, reporting that no action has been taken by the residents. She did write a letter and read it.  Basically it stated that the time had passed and no action had been taken, and would the court now revoke Mr. Foote’s access to the county once again.

Shannon Cruz from the Corps called Nola trying to figure out status of the easements at front entrance and on Lewis Road. Shannon was new to the Real Estate division and needed to research the status of the land in the court house records and would get back to Nola.  Likely there will be paperwork and fees involved, but it may be we can once again put up an entrance wall or the like.

Nola summarized the discussions that have been ongoing with Ken Catlett in Section 8A since last year’s assessment went out.  Ken stated that 8A should not be charged more than $50, since that is all MF1 pays, and MF1 is a mandatory unit.  Nola said she, and all the boards for the past 20 years, disagree, since they’ve all been following the clause in the new covenants to raise the assessment 10% a year since 1989.  Now that 8A is at $100/$160 for lots/lots with dwelling, this is a moot issue.  At the core of the disagreement is the language regarding the increase:  “Paragraph (b) states:  “The Association shall have the right to increase the foregoing assessments by not more than ten (10%) percent of the previous year’s assessment based upon costs of operation, but not to exceed $160.00; and provided further, no assessment greater than those paid by any other lot owner belonging to the Association may be imposed on lots in Roanoke Point, Section A, Unit 8, Subdivision.””.  

Ken couldn’t make the meeting but had met with Jim Monaco on this matter and Jim spoke for Ken.  Ken maintains that the words “and provided further” are the key to keeping the assessment at $50.  Ben Jackson (former president of MALA) was present and stated this was true, and he had just overlooked it when he was president.  He went on to say that if we could get MF1 to come up to the $100/$160 assessments like the rest of the mandatory areas, then the 8A issue would go away.  Nola suggested if we state that 8A is only $50, even if MF1 agrees to go to $160, 8A has been ‘reset’ to $50 and the 10% would have to start all over again, leaving us 20 years to catch up again.

Ken Catlett made the suggestion through Jim Monaco that the 8A section be rebilled for only $50, with verbiage that everyone else is paying $160 and we’d like them to do so as well.  Ken claimed (again through Jim) he’d gladly pay the $160 if the verbiage were changed.

Many of the board members were willing to acquiesce to Catlett’s suggestion that we bill 8A people with the verbiage he’s suggesting. Nola protested that this would mean having to offer the past 20 years’ overpayments back, and restarting with 10% increases, and that Ken was wrong anyhow.  Ben Jackson said when the special assessments were deemed illegal people were offered their payments back but few took them.  Should be the same with 8A.

Open Forum

Ben Jackson proposed we get MF1 to pay $100/$160.  Discussion ensued about winning half of MF1 residents to agree to an assessment increase, which would mean a recorded covenant change.

Ben Jackson will come up with MF1 covenant change proposal.  He asked if there were a notary public on the board, and Nola Adler & Chris Crouse said they were.  Also people will meet with Mike Gupton and Phil Beck to draft a letter to MF1.  Phil offered the use of his house for the meeting.

Clint Dalton spoke about the dock owned by the association which needs a great deal of repair.  Someone had approached him about buying some of the floats currently in storage which had been purchased with the idea of repairing the dock.  It was decided to keep them to build a new dock. Chris Crouse will talk to Mike Denton of Buggs Island Dock Service about the cost of replacing the old dock using our new floats.  Jim Monaco offer to help with the construction.

Beautification Report

Chair Marian Corpus had no report. 

Architectural Report

Chair Kevin Hensley had nothing to report.

Aviation report

Chair FJ Hale (who was absent) had talked to Nola Adler about the corps permit for cutting down the trees at the end of the airport.  They want $1000 in fees, and Nola needs to get with Annie for a check, and send it in the permit.

Common areas

Chair Clint Dalton reported with the help of Ralph Moore a dead tree was removed from Oak Park.  A felled tree across the road on Beechwood Court was also removed.  He extended drain pipes and had a load of “crush and run” gravel spread on existing gravel at the parking area near the front entrance at the cost of $200.  This firmed up the other looser gravel and all seems fine to drive on now.  He also suggested we remove the ‘no parking’ railroad ties at the front and put up a ‘no parking on the grass’ sign, but it was decided to keep the ties in place.

Deer Control

Chair Noel Corpus has no report.

Road and Maintenance

Chair Mike Gupton distributed a Road Plan which showed repairs going back to 2003, and projected out for some years. Right now, the plan is for the roads which had been tarred-n-gravelled in 2005 to be re-done in 2012, but of course actual road condition could alter that projection, were there other, greater-needed repairs, and the projected roads in great shape.  We’re looking at asphalting Lakepoint to the second “Y” in 2013.  The roads tentatively scheduled for resurfacing in 2012 are:  Briarfield, Cedar Lane, Cheverly, Darcy, Eagle Perch, Goat Island, Greenbriar, Highpoint, Maplewood Court and Occoneechee.


Chair David Hammer had nothing to report. 

Welcoming and directory

Chair Carolyn Ferguson had no report.


Chair Linda Carter had nothing to report. 


Nola Adler reported that the website’s blog function is in place to post news.  Contact Nola, or use the web’s ‘contact us’ forum to ask for anything wished to be posted.


Chair Linda Carter reported work is in progress to get all families input into the new online directory.

New Business

Clint Dalton reported he’d been contacted by Glenn Stanley that there was no longer a need for us to remove the fence by Oak Park that sits on his property. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM. 

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