Board Meeting, 6-12-2012

Board Meeting, 6-12-12

Call to Order:  7:05


Approval of Minutes from the April 2012 Meeting (posted on were approved. Approval of the minutes for the May Special Meeting will be postponed until the August meeting as they were not posted in the right place and many people could not locate them.

Treasurer’s Report – Annie Hensley provided the Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual statement (through May) and reported that the checkbook contained just over $99K, the CD almost $79K and the Mutual funds just over $91K.

Old Business

President’s Comments – Nola Adler reported that so far two lots and one residence have already responded to letter sent to MF1 landowners which is 3 out of 23.  12 lots need to approve for it to carry.  

Secretary’s Report-nothing to report

Open Forum

No one brought anything to the open forum 

Committee Reports

Appearance and Beautification – Butch Cheatum volunteered to head the commiteee

Architectural Committee– Kevin Hensley reported 1 garage has been approved since last meeing

Aviation – FJ Hale reported there were ruts on the runway from mowing but no cause for concern

Common Areas and Facilities – Clint Dalton reported that there was a large hickory tree removed by contractor Donald Walls June 2nd on Stacey Court, blown over in a storm.  Mike Hite removed two other downed tress from the same storm.  Ken Hensley and friends removed a dead pine on his circles without help from the commitee

Deer Control – Scott Diamond had Scott Jeffrey report about the (apparently fruitless) efforts to get the corp to approve a greater area of land for deer control

Roads and Maintenance – Mike Gupton reported he has 2 bids so far and is meeting with another contractor for a 3rd bid.  All indications are that we will pave Lakepoint from the first ‘Y’ to the second ‘Y’ this year, as the contractors have all said that the other roads up for consideration are in good shape and just some repairs are needed here and there

Security – David Hammer had nothing to report

Welcoming – Carolyn Ferguson reported there are some new people on Longmeadow and Ridge


Directory – Carolyn Ferguson had nothing to report.  Nola Adler mentioned our efforts to get the directory online are not on schedule, and maybe an extract of our database could be exported to Excel and posted.

Email – Linda Carter had nothing to report

News – Nola Adler reminded folks we do all our news on the website, and to be sure to let her know when something needed to be put up there.

Website – Linda Carter had nothing to report

New Business

It was reported that the owner of the land next to Oak Park would appreciate it, if, during the mowing of Oak Park, his survey lines were knocked down or run over, that the mower would have the courtesy to right them again.

Adjournment – 8:15