Board Meeting, 5-15-2012, Special

Board Meeting, 5-15-12, Special


  • Nola Adler
  • Scott Jeffry
  • John Stinson
  • Dewitt Vanarsdale
  • Butch Cheatum
  • Ben Jackson – Guest
  • Ken Catlett – Guest
  • Phil Beck
  • Rick Baldwin
  • Jim Monoco
  • George Richardson, Guest
  • Mike Gupton
  • Linda Carter
  • Bill Smith
  • Cris Crouse
  • Annie Hensley
  • Kevin Hensley
  • Carolyn Ferguson
  • Andy Ferguson – guest
  • David Hammer

A Motion was made and passed to send the proposed letter to the residents in MF1, asking them to agree to an assessment equal to that of other residents of Merifield.

A Motion was made and passed to postpone sending of a letter to residents in Section 8A until the results of the above letter have been assessed.