Board Meeting, 12-11-2012

Merifield Acres Landowners’ Association, Dec. 11, 2012 Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM



Board Members:  Nola Adler, Gloria Bauer, Phil Beck, Butch Cheatham, Chris Crouse, Clint Dalton, Carolyn Ferguson, Mike Gupton, FJ Hale, David Hammer, Annie Hensley, Kevin Hensley, Scott Jeffrey, Jim Monaco, Bill Smith, Dewitt Vanarsdale


Community Members:  Richard & Jean Alley, Ken Catlett, Joe Dehorty, Andy Ferguson, Darlene Hammer, Ben Jackson, Arlene Monaco


Special Guest Speakers: 

Adam Smith of the Virginia Department of Forestry was on site with a colleague to talk about fire safety and a community program we could start if we were interested.  It was a little more in-depth than the presentation at the annual meeting.  If you want more information please contact Adam at: He also reported that the clear cutting, or log harvesting, between Merifield and Hazelnut was a private matter over which they had no jurisdiction.  However, Sambo Lewis had told them they’d be replanting in the spring with loblolly pines.


Approval of Minutes

from the Oct. 9, 2012 BoD Meeting, posted on, weres passed without dissent.


Treasurer’s Report

Chair Annie Hensley reported the Bank of America checking account has $34,904.49; BoA Investment account $98,286.88; and BoA CD $38,840.00.  She also distributed the Profit & Lost Budge vs. Actual statement for Jan. – Nov. 2012. 


Old Business

President’s Comments – Chris Crouse had nothing to report.

Secretary’s Report – Nola Adler had nothing to report.


Open Forum

No one brought anything forward for discussion.


Committee Reports

Appearance and Beautification

Chair Butch Cheatham thanked the various people who assisted in the cleanup at the front (among them Annie Hensley, and Butch & Char Cheatham) and lauded Annie Hensley for the Christmas decorations.

Architectural Committee Report

Chair Kevin Hensley reported that:  Three requests for Architectural approval were submitted for review since the last report.  They are as follows: 

    Detached garage on Lakepoint Drive

    New house on Holly Lane

    Shed on Highpoint Boulevard

No Requests for Approval are currently being reviewed.  No issues are currently being investigated.


Chair FJ Hale reported there has been a lot of aircraft activity at the grass strip in Merifield, amongst them a gentleman with a gear door issue who was able to fix the issue and fly out.  FJ is planning to paint the flagpole when the weather permits.

Common Areas and Facilities

Chair Jim Monaco reported the tennis cracks have been sealed, and will be seeking a bid for new street signs.  Please call Jim if your street sign needs replaced so we don’t miss any.  They are 30-40 years old and some have already fallen apart and all are disintegrating.  Jim’s number is:  374-0462.

Deer Control

Chair Scott Diamond was not present and provided no report. 

Roads and Maintenance

Chair Mike Gupton that:  “Our contract paving has been completed by Adams Construction. This includes 1.5 ” of asphalt on Lakepoint from 1st Y to 2nd Y, and repair work on Greenbriar, and Occoneechee with some thin asphalt scratching and 2 coats of tar and gravel. The price of liquid asphalt had decreased since our bids were obtained, and the final price was $4,600 less than the bid. This means the final price was about $13,000 less than the bids that were obtained in 2011.

In November, Mike Hite and I put gravel at 7 mailboxes at the request of the Post Office. This used up our gravel, so I ordered 9 tons more and Mike Hite and I will be putting it in some areas of the road shoulder in the coming weeks.

On Dec. 3rd I noticed a small defect develop in the pavement near Mike Lyon’s house and Adams Construction came and repaired it the next day.

There are 2 areas of damage on Merifield Dr. between Oconneechee and the entrance and 1 small area on Merifield Dr. between the Y and Oak Park. I will be informing Sambo Lewis of this damage caused by the logging trucks and will get an estimate of repairs.”


Chair David Hammer had nothing to report.


Chair Carolyn Ferguson reported that Richard & Jean Alley are new residents on Elm, mentioned a new house where she needs to go introduce herself, and mentioned there were other home sales in Merifield she needed to get new owner information.




Chair Carolyn Ferguson had nothing to report.


Chair Linda Carter was not present and provided no report. 


Chair Nola Adler said she can post news to the website and said she’ll post the request for homeowners to call Jim Monaco about the need for new street signs.


Chair Linda Carter was not present and provided no report. 


New Business

Clint Dalton mentioned that the street light at the entrance appears to be out, and there are spare bulbs in the maintenance building if Jim wants to replace the bulb. 



was at 8:17 PM.