Board Meeting 12-13-2011

Board Meeting, December 13, 2011

Nola Adler called the meeting to order at 7PM.


Nola Adler
Linda Carter
Scott Jeffrey
Chris Crouse
Phil Beck
Dewitt van Arsdale
John Stinson
FJ Hale
B.R. Jackson
Dave Hammer
Clint Dalton
Scott Jeffrey
Kevin Hensley
Annie Hensley
Mike Gupton
Jim Monaco
Butch Cheatum

The minutes from the October meeting were apparently not posted where everyone could find them, so we delayed voting on the acceptance of them to the February meeting (along with the December minutes).

Treasurer’s Report

Checking account with Bank of America — $69,072.63.

CD with Bank of America $48,628.73  Four month roll over — rolls over on Dec. 15, 2011.  Recommendation was made to transfer money from the checking into the CD, keeping only enough for basic operating expenses until the assessments start coming in.  It will be at least four months before more paving is done.

Investment Accounts with Bank of America:  $86,491.47

President’s Comments

Nola Adler said she’d written a letter to Mecklenburg Electric asking them to cease using herbicide to clear the power lines, and read it to the people present. 

Open Forum

Discussion on gravel at the entrance, spreading it out further, then dragging the gravel out further, and then putting crush and run on top of that till we have hardened the surface. Clint Dalton and Kevin Hensley will get together to do that.  This is being done to improve the parking situation for school children being picked up and dropped off.

There has been a good deal of theft in Merifield.  There was an attempt to steal jet skis, a battery was stolen, hunting gear stolen from property next to Oak park, and gas has been siphoned on Hazelnut Drive.

Coyotes are roaming Merifield.  

A tree cutter by the name of Warren Harding has had many complaints for not cleaning up cuttings adequately.  At some time in the past he had been banned from soliciting business in Merifield, but he keeps coming in.

A gentleman on Cheverly asked a board member to pass along a warning there are bad builders out there, and to really investigate prior to hiring anyone.

Clint Dalton said our maintenance contractor, Mike Hite, is available and willing to do extra work for homeowners for some extra cash.  He does a good job on our common areas.  His phone number is:  374-4674, or cell 774-9370.

Glenn Stanley has made his wishes known to the Board that the fence in Oak Park that encroaches on his property needs to be removed.  He’s had his land surveyed and the markers are up.  Kevin Hensley said he’d take care of it.

Committee Reports

Appearance and Beautification

Chair Marian Corpus reported that committee members will be putting up Christmas lights on Thursday afternoon. Lou Fras put mulch at the front entrance.  Butch Cheathum sprayed the weeds. 

Architect Committee

Chair Kevin Hensley reported:  Two requests for Architectural approval of new houses were submitted for review since the last report at the annual meeting in October.  Both were approved.

No requests fo approval are currently being reviewed.

No issues are currently being investigated, although it does appear many trees were cut down at a house on Highpoint without AC involvement.  The AC is supposed to approve any tree over 6 inches be cut down. 

Aviation Committee

Chair FJ Hale reported:  The USACE granted approval for the clearing of the obstructions at the approach and departure ends of the runway. The trees are down and the approach is now obstruction free.
The Corps is asking for $1500 in fees for the issuance of a permit. It is the President’s opinion that we not pay the fee.

  1. The USACE is under the Department of the Army. They are US Federal Civil Servants and salaried accordingly. The are paid regardless of any related work load.

  2. the Lewis family, originally slated to receive the permit, paid thousands of dollars for the efforts of the USACE.

  3. This is a matter of public safety, not one of material gain on the part of MALA or any other person.

  4. The matter has been ongoing for over six years. 

If the board agrees, FJ Hale will draft a letter to the USACE citing the points above with copies to our federal representatives including the President of the United States.

We are going to need a new windsock within the next 10 months. The cost for a good one is about $100. I would like money set aside for this purchase. 

No other matters have come to the attention of the committee.

Common Areas Report

Chair Clint Dalton reported:   Removed down pine tree on Ridge Drive and with the help of Ralph Moore, cut dead pine leaning over Occoneechee Drive.   Replaced burned out bulb in front light. The keys to Oak Park and the tennis courts are not working on the locks.  It was decided we don’t need them. In case of vandalism, we can get new locks to fit the keys, but for now they’ll just remain open.

Deer Control

Chair Noel Corpus had nothing to report.


Chair Mike Gupton reported:  Surfacing treatment has been completed including spot repairs on: Merifield Drive, Lakepoint, Hazelnut, Briarfield, Cheverly and Myrtle Court, along with more extensive asphalt repairs on Walnut Court and Maplewood Court.  All of Lewis Road was surfaced with two coat treatment of tar & gravel.  Depending on prices, we will consider doing more extensive work next year.  

Someone on the floor mentioned that Hazelnut does not seem to be tarred, just gravelled.  Mike said he was there when the work was done, and there was tar used, but he’ll check it out.  It’s since been corrected.


Chair David Hammer had nothing to report.


Chair Carolyn Ferguson had nothing to report.  


Committee Member Linda Carter said the names will be input into the new directory December 17th. 


Chair Linda Carter had nothing to report.


Just a reminder we should be posting news tidbits to the website.


Chair Linda Carter had nothing to report.

New Business

FJ Hale on Foote property.  The 150 days have elapsed.  He asked if the board writing a letter to the court to inform that nothing has happened.  A motion was made, seconded and passed without opposition to do so.

Scott Jeffrey asked the board to petition to keep the ban on the Uranium Mine board, and go on record that we (as an HOA) oppose Uranium mining.  A motion to do so was made, seconded and  passed without opposition.  Scott Jeffrey said he’d write the letter, and urged everyone to go to the website and find out what individuals can do to support this position.  

The meeting adjourned at 8:15.