Board Meeting 10-7-2011

Nola Adler called the meeting to order at 7PM. 


Nola Adler (Board member)
Mike Gupton (Board member)
John Stinson (Board member)
Linda Carter (Board member)
Dewitt VanArsdale (Board member)
Chris Crouse (Board member)
Ben Jackson (resident)
Annie Hensley (Board member)
Gloria Bauer (Board member)
David Hammer (Board member)
Butch Cheatham (Board member)
Rick Baldwin (Board member)
Kevin Hensley (Board member)
Jim Monaco (Board member)
Scott Jeffrey (Board member)

August minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

$107,045 in checking account

$48,628.73 in 4-month rollover CD 

$89,120.86 in BofA Investment account (Merrill Lynch)

Old Business

President’s Comments

Regarding the Annual Membership Meeting, October 1, 2011, there was a very low attendance, maybe 40 people. Hopefully that was an indication that everybody’s content. 

New board members were introduced:  Rick Baldwin, Gloria Bauer, Butch Cheatham, David Hammer and Jim Monoco.

Board of Director’s books have been returned, promised to be returned, or will be paid for. Right now Rick, Gloria & Jim need the books.  (Outgoing Board member Sambo Lewis will be returning his, and Richard Wikle & Tim Tetreault can’t find their copies but will pay for new ones if they can’t locate the old ones.)

Asked new members for contact info to be posted to the website.

With the departure of Richard Wikle from the Board, the chairs/committee are vacant for Politics & Environment as well as the Committee To Unite MALA.  Volunteers were requested to fill those slots, but no one stepped forward.  Nola said if there’s anyone who might know someone who’d be interested in filling these chairs, let her know.

Some discussion occurred about non-mandatory fee residents and it was reiterated that 85% of voluntary residents in homes are paying, which is a high percentage in any context. 

Secretary’s report

Nothing to report

Open Forum

Nola mentioned she thought Ed Mazer would be there to discuss the guidance he’d drafted for the board regarding road maintenance which he’d introduced at the annual membership meeting October 1.  Linda said she got an email from Ed with a revised guidance.  But since Ed wasn’t here the issue was not discussed.


Committee Reports

Appearance and Beautification

Marian Corpus was not present, but Butch Cheatham said he would like to help with this committee.

Architectural Committee

Kevin Hensley reported that for the year-to-date, thirteen requests were made, all were approved.  Two new houses were built, which is an improvement on the economy.  Possibly three new houses will be built in the coming year. 

Aviation Committee

FJ Hale was unable to make the meeting and did not send in an electronic report to Linda.  

Common Areas and Facilities

Clint Dalton was unable to make the meeting and did not send in an electronic report to Linda.  

Deer Control

Annie Hensley reported for chair Noel Corpus that 2 deer were harvested in the past year.  Our permit expires when the season is out for the rest of the county.

Roads and Maintenance

Mike Gupton reported that essential work will be done in a few weeks but major work will be deferred due to high asphalt prices currently.  If prices are better in the springtime we’ll consider doing more extensive work then. Right now we will be putting two coats of tar & gravel on Lewis Road, and doing numerous patching jobs where it is needed. Three bids were obtained, in accordance with MALA policy, and LanCo was the best of them all.  One of the three wouldn’t even bid on patching because they do not do ‘small’ jobs like that.  We have committed to spend up to $40K this fall with more to come in the spring.


New chair David Hammer had nothing to report.  He said he’d get with the outgoing chair, Tim Tetreault, to get a feel for what’s expected.


Carolyn Ferguson was unable to make the meeting and did not send in an electronic report to Linda



Linda Carter said she is compiling information to be entered and will be asking for assistance with the keying in.  She asked when the directory was ‘due’ and was told January.


Linda Carter said she’s working on getting everything entered


Nola this will be going to the website and saving lots of printing and mailing costs, which can be applied to court fees to collect unpaid assessments.  


Linda Carter had nothing to report.

New Business

There was a statement made that there is a gentleman who is going to have his property lines surveyed since it appears that part of the MALA fence at Oak Park is on his property.  It’s about four to six feet over, and Kevin and Annie Hensley volunteered to remove the offending fence once the survey is completed.

Jim Monoco brought up the issue of Mecklenburg Electric spraying herbicides in Merifield.  When he contacted MeckElec they told him if he wrote to them they’d cease that activity.  It was moved, seconded and carried without dissent that MALA write the electric company and request that they no longer spray in Merifield.  Nola will draft that letter and send it on MALA letterhead.  Motion was carried without dissent.

Rick Baldwin asked for an update on the derelict Foote property near the airport.  Several people present stated there are hopes that new personnel with the county  building inspector’s office may be able to assist in the condemnation of the structure.