June Board Meeting Minutes

Merifield Acres Landowners’ Association

June 13, 2017

Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes

  1. Our Board meetings are not an open forum, and only Board business is to be discussed.
  2. Any resident issues with other residents should not be discussed at Board meetings unless there is a specific covenant or by-law violation reported that needs to be discussed.  Violators of this rule may be ruled out of order.
  3. Repetitious complaints that have been previously addressed by the Board may be ruled out of order.
  4. Personal attacks on other residents will be ruled out of order.
  5. The proper procedure is to make a motion first, then open for discussion.
  6. The only time motions can be made is during old business and new business.
  7. In order to maintain control in our meetings, we need to cut down the cross talk and speaking out of turn.

The meeting was Called to Order at 7:00 PM.
BoD Members:  Chris Crouse, Annie Hensley, Kevin Hensley, Susan Warren, Emily Howie, John Stinson, FJ Hale, Cindy Meadows, Kent Galvin, Rusty Bishop, Alan Weyman, Mike Gupton, Kim Fuller.
Guests:   Ken Catlett, Hal Norman, Sambo Lewis, Joe Doherty.
Treasurer’s Report: – Chair Annie Hensley reported the Carters Bank and Trust checking account has $160,666.75, the Merrill Edge investment account has $164,749.40.  A motion was made, seconded and apposed without dissent to accept the report. 
Old Business
Minutes:  Approval of the Minutes from the April 11th Board meeting were presented and passed without dissent after a motion that was seconded.
Committee Reports

Appearance and Beautification

Chair Chip Overton was not present.  Litter continues to be a problem in Merifield.  Thanks to all who help by picking up litter around their properties. 

Architectural Committee Report

Chair Kevin Hensley reported that there were no Requests for Approval submitted to the Committee for review and no issues or complaints are currently being investigated. 


Chair FJ Hale reported that there was some debris on or near the runway that was removed. 

Common Areas and Facilities

Chair Alan Weyman had nothing to report.,

Deer Control

Chair Scott Diamond was not present.
Roads and Maintenance
Chair Mike Gupton reported that some residents wants the Board to look into slurry paving, but it seems after looking into this that would end up being just as much due to the preparation involved in this process.  Kent Galvin also reported for the committee that they met with the paving contractors to bid for the MALA 2017 road repairs and resurfacing.  A prioritized list of roads slated was provided to the Board, which the cost will be $18,800.  The traffic / island stop sign at the intersection of Merifield and Lakepoint was moved to provide better visibility of oncoming traffic for drivers entering on Lakepoint Drive. 


Chair David Hammer was not present.


Welcoming / Email

Chair Cindy Meadows had nothing to report at this time, but the Board decided to send a letter to all Realtors to inform Cindy of new residents that are moving into Merifield neighborhood, to include their address and phone number.  It is helpful to her in getting information to them and also in welcoming them to Merifield.
Chair Susan Warren reported that there were a lot of changes in the Directory which have been made.


Chair Susan Warren had nothing to report at this time.
New Business
Lakefest Volunteers Needed:  It was mentioned that volunteers are needed to help at the Chamber for the upcoming Lakefest.  Please contact the Chamber for additional information.  434-374-2436.  
Park CommitteeCindy Meadows, Susan Warren and Kim Fuller will meet soon to discuss the needs of the playground at the Park and bring to the Board at a later date. 
organize and plan on decisions for the Park to bring to the Board for approval.
Annual Meeting:  The Annual Meeting has been confirmed for Saturday, October 14th at 12:00 Noon at the Park.
The meeting adjourned at 7:45 PM.

MALA Board Meetings
Mark your calendar now for the upcoming 2017 MALA Board Meetings scheduled the 2nd Tuesday of every EVEN month and held in the Hensley’s garage: Left at tennis courts, 2nd drive on the right on Occoneechee.

All meetings start promptly at 7pm
August 8
Oct 14 – annual meeting and picnic  - 12 noon
December 12