Merifield Acres Landowners’ Association

February 13, 2018

Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes


I.             Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order by Kevin Hensley, President, at 7:00 pm at the Hensleys’ garage.

II.            Roll Call:  The following board members were present:  Kevin Hensley, Annie Hensley, Kent Galvin, Chris Crouse, Carolyn Ferguson, Rick Baldwin, David Hammer, Kim Fuller, Cindy Meadows, Allen Weyman, Ed Mazur, Katie Ott, Emily Claire Howie, Mike Compton, Lee Baldwin (elected at this meeting).

The following visitors were present: Andy Ferguson, Tim Ott, Hal Norman, Bonnie Thompson, Rob Thompson, Scott Jeffrey, Butch Cheatham.


III.          Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting:  Minutes from the meeting of 12-12-2017 were approved as written.


IV.         Committee Reports/Open Issues

First Order of Business – Kevin Hensley announced that Susan Warren has resigned as Board Secretary, so Kevin nominated Lee Baldwin to fill this vacancy.  The nomination was seconded and Lee Baldwin was elected by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report – Annie Hensley, Treasurer, presented the report reflecting $148,851.18 in the Carter’s Bank account.  The Merrill Edge Investment Account balance is $197,575.11.  The question was raised and answered in the affirmative that the Carter’s Bank account is earning interest.

President’s Report – Kevin Hensley shared the positive reactions to our community cleanup.  Twice as many people as were expected (over 30) showed up and did a beautiful job.  Kevin proposed that we have a second cleanup at Oak Park in March to prepare for the erection of new swing sets.  The March cleanup will be announced by email.

Point of Order – Scott Jeffrey observed that the minutes approved at the Board Meeting on 12-12-2017 were from the General Meeting and that the General Meeting minutes must be approved at the 2018 General Meeting.  We didn’t approve the August Board meeting minutes, and there is a question as to whether a quorum was indeed present at that August meeting.  The Board needs to ascertain whether a quorum was indeed present at the August Board meeting and to approve or amend the August Board meeting minutes.  It was moved and seconded to postpone approval of the August Board meeting minutes until the next Board meeting.  Scott Jeffrey and Hal Norman will help review the Board meeting attendance for August.

Appearance and Beautification – Butch Cheatham reported that the front entrance fence will be redone when Jim Monaco gets back.  Anyone interested in helping contact Butch.  Dave Hammer volunteered to help.

Architectural Committee — Allen Weyman reported that no issues or complaints have been raised and none are currently being investigated.

Directory – Lee Baldwin will assume responsibility for the Directory.

Aviation – Rick Baldwin reported that the committee met on February 3, 2018, discussed Ed Mazur’s proposal, and is recommending that the Board meet to accept the safety proposal, that any time an aircraft is on a MALA road, the engine(s) must be off, and that aircraft should be towed, with engine(s) off, across MALA roads to access or leave the runway.  The committee discussed meeting once a month to repair the airport marking cones.  Rick also completed and mailed the 2017 airport survey.  A motion was made to accept the safety proposal and record it in the minutes and Board procedures. Discussion followed and it was agreed that the Board will wait to approve a formal statement of MALA airport rules and regulations. 

Common Areas and Facilities – Allen Weyman noted the plan for a cleanup of Oak Park in March.

Deer Control – Kevin Hensley reporting for Scott Diamond:  It is now approved to kill does, now that the hunting season is over.  10 deer were harvested during hunting season.  Be aware that there are coyotes in Merifield.

Roads and Maintenance – Kent Galvin met with the Mecklenburg Electric line supervisor.  They are taking down trees under power lines and will remove limbs but not trees (they are not required to do so).  We are doing our best to get landowners to move the debris 7.5 feet off the road.  Kent can get with the line supervisor regarding wood.  Kevin noted that if we have written permission, MALA can come onto the property to cut and remove wood. All landowners’ addresses are in the directory which is with Joyce Woodfin.

Security – David Hammer reported that the only security concerns presently are the coyotes.  Three have been spotted together.  Some singles have been seen.

Email/Welcoming Committee – Kevin applauded Cindy Meadows on her excellent job in emailing MALA about the cleanup.  All agreed that the next cleanup will be Saturday, March 24 at Oak Park from 10-3, with a lunch break from 12 to 1 pm.  Please bring appropriate equipment.  Once the cleanup is complete, MALA will be purchasing a new swing set for Oak Park to replace the old play area, which has been removed.  We will also be planning to put a smaller swing set near the tennis court.  The basketball goal has been removed.

V.          New Business

Kent Galvin inquired about purchasing a chipper.  Don Wall is willing to give a chipper to Jim Monaco for $5000 which would make cleanup faster.  We will explore this item at the next meeting.

Ed Mazur, chair of the Finance Committee reported on the committee’s work with the MALA investment accounts currently with Merrill Edge Investments.  Having established access to these funds for the MALA president and vice president, the committee has conducted a preliminary analysis of the investments portfolio; the committee has raised some questions for consideration:

Does MALA have an overall investment policy?

– Ed presented a resolution to create an investment policy in consideration of the ways the funds are invested.  He asked that the committee’s report (which Ed presented to the members) be read for discussion at the next meeting and that various concerns be addressed, such as whether the portfolio is balanced as MALA desires, whether the funds should be consolidated into the Puritan fund, whether any activity would have tax implications, and whether we have appropriate risk protection.  The question of what MALA plans to do with these funds should also be considered.  Ed asked that the Board consider a strategic plan at a future meeting for these investments.

VI.         Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned by Kevin Hensley at 8:02 pm.

Minutes submitted by Lee Baldwin