Merifield Acres Landowners’ Association

Board Meeting Minutes – December 12, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Meeting Dates:  Our BoD meetings are held at 7PM on the second Tuesdays of even months (currently at the Hensley’s garage).  We thank Kevin and Annie Hensley for graciously sharing their home with us for our meetings, saving our Board members travel time to and from town.

Attendees: 13 board members were present and 5 visitors.  Members: Kevin and Annie Hensley, Cindy Meadows, Chris Crouse, John Stinson, Kent Galvin, Ed Mazur, Katie Ott, Allen Weyman, Kim Fuller, Rick Baldwin, Rusty Bishop, Emily Claire Howie. Visitors: Sambo Lewis, Hal Norman, Tim Ott, Butch Cheatham, Ken Catlett and son Ross Catlett.

Our new Board members were introduced and welcomed: Ed Mazur and Katie Ott

Minutes from the last meeting: Ed Mazur was asked to amend the minutes to add a proposal that had been omitted.  The proposal was to establish requirements for airplane crossing roadways abutting the MALA grass landing field common property. The motion was passed at the annual meeting. The proposal requires the Aviation Committee to set safety parameters and guidelines for the moving of aircraft across MALA public property.   The Aviation Committee will now take the proposal to create the guidelines.  A vote was set forth to approve the amended minutes and passed.

Treasurers Report – Annie Hensley presented the report reflecting $125,091.53 in the Carters Bank savings account.  The Merrill Lynch account balance is $185,014.11.

Ed Mazur had been asked by the Treasurer to assist in investigating with Merrill Lynch how to access the accounts and update current contact information as to who has authority to talk to bank representatives and conduct business on MALA’s behalf.  Ed presented current findings of the process needed in order to update this information with current Board Member names and positions.  Two forms were submitted that would satisfy Merrill Lynch in updating this information. Prior to this point, Merrill Lynch would not discuss MALA accounts with current Board Members due to outdated information.  It was voted and approved that the person(s) in the position(s) of President and Vice President be the authorized parties to conduct financial business on behalf of MALA.  This contact information will be reviewed each year to ensure current information is correct and on file with Merrill Lynch.  It was further noted two signatures would be required for any transaction, being of different households, as a transparent security measure.

In relation to the savings account at Carters Bank, two signatures would be required which would be the Treasurer and Vice President.

Motion was made by Ed Mazur, 2nd by Annie Hensley.

There was further discussion to decide how to get the best return for current investments. The Board decided to appoint Ed Mazur as the chair of this Finance Committee consisting of other members Sambo Lewis, Kim Fuller, and Annie Hensley.  This committee will meet and discuss implementation of this proposal and setting policy moving forward.  Sambo suggested the investment objective should be determined to outline future goals of the association.  Bylaws will be reviewed for accuracy in operating procedure.

Appearance and Beautification – Butch Cheatham, Vice Chair, presented the following: there were front entrance repairs made to the lights and new split rail cedar fencing will be ordered to replace decayed rails. Once the new rails arrive, he will ask for volunteers to help with the installation.  The beautiful maple trees have been pruned and maintained.

Architectural Committee- Allen Weyman reported there was one attached garage approved, nothing under review, and no complaints being investigated.

Aviation – Rick Baldwin reported there are five members of the Aviation Committee consisting of FJ Hale, Sambo Lewis, Rob Rivers, Kevin Shelton, and himself. Current issues being worked on: 1. New runway markers. These cost $100 each so the plan is to repair those possible to save money; 2. Aircraft tie-downs for visitors to encourage airport usage. Possibly moving them to the old hangar location; 3. Clearing common area on left side of runway including the pines next to the orchard.  A nice walkway could be utilized here for residents; 4. Geese eradication. Buzzing of the field before landing should resolve this issue; 5. Relocation of windsock off the edge of the runway to a safer location about 50 feet to the left. Other discussion included the following: setting up a protocol in case of an accident and the need for banners to use for closing the strip.  Banners are possibly stored at the Oak Park building and will be verified. If an accident occurred, it is our responsibility to close the runway. The banners could also be used for airport day or maintenance work.  Drone regulations were discussed for the runway and having a radio available for Mike Hite to use while cutting the field.  An event was suggested for the spring or fall for local pilots to give rides to residents, or have a remote controlled fly in day and bring in a manufacturer to demonstrate their products.  The committee welcomes any comments or suggestions for these types of events.  A question was posed asking for the amount of activity our airstrip currently sees. The answer was approximately 10 take offs / landings per week!

Common Areas and Facilities – Allen Weyman reported Oak Park was used once this year for an engagement party.

Deer Control – Scott Diamond was not present.  An issue was brought to the board concerning someone hunting illegally within MALA.  The Board suggested than any legal matter should be addressed with local authorities directly (Game Warden).   

Roads and Maintenance – Kent Galvin report they are currently working on blowing leaves, cutting grass and cleaning up the sides of the road.  A report was presented outlining the dates, locations and jobs performed.

Security – David Hammer – not present

Email / welcoming committee – Cindy Meadows reported newsletter going well and asked for continued input for events or newsworthy items.  A database is being constructed of all area realtors to assist in getting new resident information in order to publish a bio in an upcoming newsletter.  This bio would be more personal and help connect the new residents to current residents with similar interests.

Website – Hal Norman reported the domain name “” is expiring in April or May. It will need to be renewed. The cost of a five year renewal will likely be around $200. [Cost of renewing annually would probably be about $50/year, but would be extra work and would present annual opportunity for someone in the future to forget to renew].  The domain name “” we already have. It is in the plans to make it a Board Member website. [There is no incremental or additional cost for this domain name.] The cost of continuing to host with the current provider [GoDaddy] should be about $175 per year. [this is not related to the domain name renewal].  Someone pointed out that sites are available from GoDaddy at $3 or $4 per month; however, these sites are very limited in nature, and render only static pages. [ uses WordPress, and generates dynamic pages in response to clicks – one does not have to change the code in order to change the content.]  Costs will be provided to the Board after estimates are obtained.

New business

Kevin Hensley presented a proposal to have volunteers assist by starting at the front entrance working into the subdivision to cut saplings and little brush beyond the major trees.  Volunteers are needed to assist.  There will be a social time afterwards to encourage participation.  Little saplings will cause a problem later and need to be addressed. Looking at scheduling after the first of the year on Saturday January 13 @ 10 am. Meet at the Hensley garage on Occoneechee.  Asking for all residents and not just board members to assist.  It was suggested to have Kent Galvin oversee the project to make sure we are in compliance with area restrictions.  More discussion was conducted on cleaning up trash on main road and side roads.  The Harts will also be volunteering to take a section of the main road to clean up trash.  Asking everyone to take their own section to do some cleanup and throw some backbone into beautifying our neighborhood.  

Emily Norman raised concerns over trees falling and blocking roads. Kent Galvin stated there is a dangerous / dead tree removal policy and will address.

Butch Cheatham suggested marking dangerous trees as well while working on the clean-up project.

A motion was made to adjourn @ 8:28 pm by Chris Crouse and 2nd by Annie Hensley.