Merifield Acres Landowners’ Association

41st Annual Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 1:30PM.

Meeting Dates:  Our BoD meetings are held at 7PM on the second Tuesdays of even months (currently at the Hensley’s garage).  We thank Kevin and Annie Hensley for graciously sharing their home with us for our meetings, saving our Board members travel time to and from town.

Attendees:  BoD Members: Chris Crouse, Susan Warren, Annie Hensley, Kevin Hensley, Cindy Meadows, John Stinson, David Hammer, Mike Compton, Kent Galvin, FJ Hale, Emily Howie, Chris Crouse, Rick Baldwin, Scott Jeffrey, Alan Weyman.

Guests: There were 37 guests attending this year.

Minutes:  Approval of the Minutes from the August 8, 2017 was moved, seconded and approved.

Treasurer’s Report:  Chair Annie Hensley reported that the checking account with Carter’s Bank & Trust was $113,997.43 and the investment account with Merrill Edge was $176,456.83.  The report was moved to be approved, seconded and passed without dissent.

Committee Reports:

Appearance and Beautification – Chip Overton was not present.  He continues to do an excellent job keeping the front entrance looking great.  He reports that litter continues to be a problem.  Thanks to all who help by picking up litter. We ask our residents to please mention our litter problem to any contractors they hire and let them know that they could be banned from Merifield if they are caught littering our neighborhood.

Architectural Committee – Chair Kevin Hensley reported that there were 7 requests that were submitted to the Committee for review and were approved.  To summarize for the year there were:

  • 2 houses – Roanoke Court and Carriage Lane
  • 1 Addition – Hazelnut Drive
  • 1 Attached Garage – Darcy Drive
  • 2 Detached Garages – Briarfield Road and Goat Island Court
  • 1 Shed – Lakepoint Drive

No requests are currently being reviewed at this time.  No written complaints were received last year.  No other issues are currently being investigated at this time.  Kevin thanked Andy Ferguson and Peter Kilmas for their support on the Architecture Committee for the last several years.  He also thanked Larry Robbins for maintaining perimeter of the tennis court and Ken Gahagen for inside of the tennis court.

Aviation – Chair FJ Hale reported that the grass had been cut recently and no other incidences are reported at this time.

Security – Chair David Hammer reported that there were five incidences during this past year:

  • October 19, 2016:  Contractor complaint.  A resident hired Warren Hardy to cut trees.  He cut the trees and took the wood, but left a mess.  When the resident complained to him, he threatened her.  The sheriff was notified and he came out to Merifield to discuss the matter with the resident.  No charges were filed.
  • Mid November 2016:  Theft.  A resident’s building contractor had tools/equipment (air compressor) stolen from his construction site.
  • December 10, 2016:  Aggressive dog.  A resident was confronted by an aggressive dog on her property.  The dog had a collar and eventually ran off. 
  • June 25, 2017:  Theft.  A resident reported a spare tire from his utility trailer was stolen sometime between 15-22 June.
  • October 3, 2017:  Attempted arson.  An attempted arson occurred at a home on Ridge Rd.  The police and sheriff’s departments were notified and the incident is currently under investigation.
  • There was further discussion on the cameras at the front entrance.  They need to be upgraded so that the images are clearer.  A motion was made, seconded and passed to have Rick Baldwin purchase two infra-red cameras / monitors to be installed. 

Deer Control – Chair Scott Diamond had nothing to report.  The members mentioned that the deer are more prevalent this year, so it was suggested to invite the Game and Fishery to the December 14th meeting to discuss options and resolutions to this issue in the future.

Roads and Maintenance – Co-Chair Kent Galvin reported they will begin removing saplings in October / November from the right of ways and ditches of all roads.   had no report a this time.  There was a question from a member as to why some of the roads are being asphalted and some are getting tar and gravel instead.  Kent explained it was a matter of limited funds that have been allocated to this project.

Welcoming / Email – Chair Cindy Meadows: continues to do an excellent job keeping our residents informed with the MALA newsletter. 

Directory – Chair Susan Warren had nothing to report.

Website – Chair Susan Warren: Thanks to Hal Norman for his work improving the MALA website.

New Business

The 2018 Budget was approved by the membership vote.

The election results for the MALA Board of Directors is as follows: 

Elected and Approved Board Members – Rick Baldwin, Philip Beck, David Hammer, Susan Warren, Ed Mazur, Kevin Hensley (President), Katie Ott.

Adjournment was at 3:15 PM.


Chris Crouse, MALA President